UOPX HRM 324T - Mandatory Benefit Synopsis

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Running head: Mandatory Benefit Synopsis 1Mandatory Benefit SynopsisHRM 324 Total CompensationMandatory Benefit Synopsis 2Synopsis of Mandatory BenefitFamily Medical Leave Act of 1993Organizations that offer benefits are usually in the market for a certain caliper of candidates (Morgan, 2011). However, some benefits are mandated by the law, because of the importance of the matter in which the law was designed to deal with. The Family Medical LeaveAct of 1993 also know as (FMLA) is a mandatory benefit. FMLA ensure that during unforeseen hardships an employee may take time off from work, with the guarantee of having a job to returnto once the situation has improved. In addition to having, a job to return to the act ensures that the employee will return to a job that has the same rate of pay and other benefits that he or she was eligible for prior to having to leave. The word family in the act includes both children and parents for several members of a person’s family. This Act is very important in providing security to an employee that is already dealing with usually a overwhelming situation. This type of situation cannot be planned for, and therefore the employee has no time so it is very important for them to be able to secure their position and give themselves wholeheartedly over to the situation at hand. If this act was not in place then the employee would have to contend the demands of the job as well as try to give proper attention to the situation. The Family Medical Leave Act also handles such situations as afather of a newborn being able to take time off from work to help take care of his newborn. (University of Phoenix, 2009). Prior to the act being in place, a right reserved only to the mother of the newborn.Mandatory Benefit Synopsis 3The FMLA is in place to protect employee’s position during a very vulnerable time in their life, without prejudice or discrimination. ReferencesUniversity of Phoenix. (2009). Strategic Compensation. A Human Resource ManagementApproach, Fifth Edition. Retrieved from University of Phoenix, HRM 324 websiteMorgan, R. (2011). Five Mandatory Benefits for Full Time Employees. Retrieved from

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UOPX HRM 324T - Mandatory Benefit Synopsis

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