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Lab 6 1. Domain: Eukarya 1. Kingdom: Fungi a) Phylum: Zygomycota• Rhizopus Stolonifer (Bread mold) b) Phylum: Ascomycota• Penicillium • Aspergillus • Peziza (ID: Ascus, Ascospores)• Saccharomyces (Brewer's yeast) c) Phylum: Basidiomycota• Life Cycle: Mating type → Plasmogamy → Basidiocarp (dikaryotic) → Basidia → Karyogamy → Basidiospores (Diploid) → Meiosis → Haploid mycelia• Coprinus (ID: Basidium, Basidiospore)• Agricus (ID: cap, gills, stipe, stalk, mycelium, annulus)• Puccinia d) Phylum: Chytridiomycota (causes chytridiomycosis)• Allomyces • Has flagellated cells (unique to fungi)• Lichens• Relationship between: Fungi and green algae/cyanobacteria• Crustose(flat),Fruticose (branched), Foliose (leafy)Lab 7 1. Phylum: Porifera a) Assymetrical, spicules, no body plan 2. Phylum: Cnidaria a) Acoelomate, polyp, radial symmetry, diploblastic b) Metridium (ID: tentacles, mouth, oral disk, pedal disk)• polyp life form c) Hydra • polyp life form d) Jellyfish• Medusa life form e) Coral• Shell made out of calcium carbonate 3. Phylum: Platyhelminthes a) Dugesia b) Tapeworms 4. Phylum:Nematoda a) Ascaris b) Trichenella 5. Phylum:Mollusca a) Class:Bivalva• Venus b) Class:Gastropoda c) Class:Cephalopoda 6. Phylum:Annelida a) Lumbricusb) LeechesLab 8 1. Phylum:Arthropoda a) Subphylum:Chelicerata• Class: Arachnida• Horseshoe crab b) Subphylum:Crustacea• Procambarus (crayfish) c) Subphylum: Uniramia• Class: Insecta• Romalea (grasshoppper) d) Subphylum: Echinodermata• Asterias Lab 9 1. Phylum: Chordata a) Subphylum:Urochordata• Tunicates (sea squirts) b) Subphylum: Cephalochordata• Branchiostoma c) Subphylum: Vertebrata• Superclass: Agnatha (lampreys) d) Subphlyum: Chondrichthyes e) Subphylum: Osteichthyes f) Class: Amphibia• Clade: Sauropsida (birds, crocodiles, dinosaurs, reptiles) g) Class: MammaliaLab 10 1. Thoracic cavity a) Larynx b) Trachea c) Esophagus d) Thymus e) Thyroid f) Lungs g) Heart h) Pericardial Sac i) Diaphragm 2. Abdomen a) Liver b) Gallbladder c) Stomach d) Spleen e) Pancreas f) Small intestins g) Spiral Colonh) Anus 3. Pelvic Cavity a) Female• Ovaries• Uterine tubes• Uterus• Vagina b) Male• Penis• Vas deferens• Epididymus• Testes 4. Urinary system a) Abdominopelvic cavity• Kidney• Medularry pyraid• cortex• nephron• ureter• urinary bladder• adrenal gland•

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UNLV BIOL 197 - Lab 6

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