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EgosyntonicPatient doesn’t know there is a problemEgodystonicPatient recognizes there is a problem (OCD)Cluster ACluster B- MOST COMMONCluster CThree categories of personality disordersParanoid PDSuspicious, distrusting, argue, humorlessSchizoid PDSolitude, distant, unmotivated lacks spontaneity, doesn’t small talkSchizotypalPoor social skill, odd behaviorsHistrionic PDSelf-centered, attention seeking, SEDUCTIVE, dramaticNarcissistic PDDemands admiration, insensitive to others, VERY self-centeredAntisocial PDDisregard right of others, arrest, impulsive, fights,no rulesBorderline PDFear of abandonment, manipulative, suicidal behaviors for attention, feels empty, self-mutilating behaviorsAvoidant PDPoor self-image, high anxiety, limits contact with peopleDependent PDSubmissive, venerable, helplessOCDRigid, detailed, needs to fell in control, perfectionist, likes rules and orderCatastrophizingBlowing out of proportionDichotomizingBlack and whiteSelf-attribution errorsAssume everything is their own faultDialectical behavior therapy (DBT)Recreates a parent child relationship. Therapist makes self-available 24/7Binge eatingAt least once a week for 3 monthsMild:1-3Mod: 4-7Severe: 8-13Extreme:14>Psych educational groupTime limitedTeaching about meds, sexuality, healthPsychotherapy groupTime limited or open endedSolution focused brief therapyCognitive behavioral therapyTherapeutic milieu groupsRecreational, physical activity, social skillsAuthorative parentingParent-controlling, less support, demandingChild-less misconduct and drugs, lacks closeness, rebel when olderIndulgent/ permissiveParent- lenient, least restrictive, values individualityChild- less cognitive, more drug and conduct, highself-perception, social competenceDisengaged/ rejecting parentingParent- neglecting, poor monitoring, lacks support, disorganized, drugsChild- lacks social connection, drug use, low cognitive, emotional problemsAuthorative parentingBEST PARENTINGParent- clear standards, supportive, considerate, rationalChild- competent, individuality, mature, communal, high self-esteem.Primary SecondaryTertiaryGroup teachingEarly intervention, minimize long term effectRehab and supportResilient childAdapts, nurturing relationships, good social, goodproblem solvingAutismImpaired communicationImpaired socialRestrictedIdentified by 18month-3yAsperger’sImpaired socialNo languageLater onsetOppositional defiant behaviorRecurrent pattern of neg behavior but no violations “make me!”Conduct disorderPersistent pattern of behaviors which violate rights of othersDepressionKids- irritable, bored, poor motivation, headaches, stomach achesTeens- hypersomnia, aggression, irritable, AGITATION, substance, promiscuityPicaEating non nutrition substances, nonfood itemsRuminationRepeating rechewing and regurgitation of foodEnuresisBed wetting after age 5EncopresisPooping after age 4transsexualPerson wishes to change sexHermaphroditismPerson born with both sex organsParaphiliaRecurrent intense sexually arousing fantasiesmust have symptoms for 6 monthsExhibitionismDisplay of genitalsFetishSexually satisfied by objectFrotteurismTouching or rubbing in crowded areasPedophileSexually attracted to kidsMust be 16y old and victim must be 5 years youngerVoyeurismViewing of other people in intimate situationsTransvestite fetishDressing in opposite sex clothingSadismLike to do suffering or humiliation of victimMasochismSatisfaction of being beating, bound or sufferedHypoxyphiliaRestricting 02DeliriumSecondary to another conditionReversibleFluctuations in consciousness and cognitionDementiaLong-termIrreversibleOnset is slowAphasiaDifficulty forming wordsApraxiaLoss of ability to perform purposeful movementsAgnosiaLoss of ability to recognize familiar

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