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WEEK 7 bible lit notes 11 07 2012 What is the text Mark 15 39 now when the conturion who stood facing him saw that in this way he breathed his last he said truly this man was gods son Luke 23 34 Father forgive them for they know not what tey do other ancient authorities lack the sentence John 8 1 11 The second issu what do the words mean B or vindicator C or that he the last D or dust E or without F meaning of Hebrew of this verse is uncertain The redeemor or the cindicator is usually the next of kin and heir Although god is sometimes called redeemer job is not referring to the deity Apocalypsis an inbreaking an unveiling an uncovering continually going on not once and for all I received the gospel through a revelation of jesus The Septuagint a greek translation of the Hebrew scriptures The latin vulgate a latin translation of the old and new testament Christ The major translations 2nd century BCE 400 CE The gutenbery bible 1455 The luther bible 1522 The king james bible 1611 Chapter divisions added in the 13th century CE Verse divisions added in the 16th century CE Kinds of translations Formal correspondence as close as possible to the text as close as possible to a one to one correspondence Dynamic equivalency honors the text but takes more license Major contemporary translations RSV NRSV Revised standard versions o Sponsored by the World Council of Churches in effect the protestant bible o Formal correspondence NIV the new international version o In effect the evangelical or nondemoninational Bible o Formal correspondence NAB the new American Bible o The catholic bible o Formal correspondence Other translations King james and new king james formal correspondence The revised English bible dynamic equivalence Canon formation or canonization the process through which a text becomes accepted by a community as sacred or representative or particularly important Canon from the Hebrew for reed or measuring stick A canon is composed of texts considered sacred or representative or particularly important Classic a text that is representative of a culture and a time period but that at the same time has an excess of meaning extending beyond its time David tracy Margaret ralph the divinci code implies that books were put in the bible were lead by a higher person to protect Were suspicious No historical evidence for what the divinci code talked about Not through legislation but through use A timeline the Hebrew scriptures 1000 BCE the yahwist writers 500 s BCE the priestly writers and a redaction of the pentatuch 400 s BCE the Pentateuch becomes canonical meanwhile the multiple sources of the material of the prophets and the writings are going through the process of redaction 200 s BCE the prophets become canonical 100 s BCE the Septuagint 100 CE the council of jamnia the writings become canonical and the jews close their canon The new testament and the Christian Bible 65 100 CE the composition of the gospels 180 CE evidence that the four gospels have become canonical 400 the latin vulgate the old testament base on the Septuagint 1522 Luthers german translation the old testament based on the council of 1546 catholics resist Luther and close their canon 1611 the king james translation 2 different versions of the new testament Septuagint 100 BCE Jamnia Jamnia 100CE The apocrypha or deuterocanonical books in the Septuagint but not in the council of Jamnia Catholics use the Septuagint protestants use jamnia So the old testament books that are in the catholic bible but not in the protestant Bible Gnostic gospels Gnosis knowledge Secret knowledge for the elect Jesus as pure spirit an emissary from another higher realm an abhorrence of physical resurrection and of the body generally Adhorrence of the old testament Gospels of mary Thomas Philip judas and others The gospel of judas Coptic found 30 years ago the laughing jesus laughing sarcastically condescendingly Judas I know who you are and where you have come from You are from the immortal realm of barbelo Jesus step away from the others and I shall tell you the mysteries of the kingdom 11 07 2012 11 07 2012

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OSU ENG 275 - WEEK 7 bible lit notes

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