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-Memos are less formal than letters.Memo Outline- Subject line  - First line talks about what the subject line it  - Second line is what the report is going to be about   - Statement of Scope  - Preview- 12 different publications- Works cited page shorter than bibliography- Name of author and year of publication for the works cited page  - Cite it in lineReports and what role they play in business communicationsInformal (Short) ReportsReport:An orderly, objective message used to convey information from one organization to anotherReports flow vertical: upward or downward directedLateral: Travels between units on the same organizational levelFormal Report:Contains many pages, grouped in sectionsCarefully structuredLogically organizedObjectiveContains much detailWritten in an objective style that eliminates such elements such as personal pronouns (I, you, we they, our etc).Informal Report:Usually short, 1-3 pagesWritten in natural or personal language (conversational tone)Informational:- Carries objective information from one area of an organization to anotherAnalytical:- Presents findings of research or analysis- Offers suggested solutions to problems if requestedPeriodic:-Issued on regularly scheduled datesFunctional:- Serves a specified purpose within a company- Justification, financial, personnel, marketing, etc.Parts of a ReportIntroduction: - Orients the reader. May include the following information:  - What the topic is  - Why it is being reported on  - The scope and limitations of the research  - Where the information came from  - An explanation of special terminology  - A preview of the major sections of the reportThe Body: - Presents the information collected and relates it to the topic that was researched  - Contains various headingsThe Analysis:  - An analysis of what the report of the information means or how it should be acted upon (if requested)  - An informational report ends with a brief summary reviewing the main points presented in the body  - Includes only material that is discussed in the reportComplementary Close:  - Thank the reader for the opportunity  - Offers further assistance  - Contact informationReferencing (Citations)  - In text parenthetical citation  - Contains abbreviated information within parentheses [Author,

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DREXEL COM 270 - Memo Outline

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