UMD KNES 355 - Business Practices and Public Policy Issues in High School and Youth Sport

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Fundraising in College AthleticsMichelle Milkovichcurrently the Assistant Director of Development for the Terrapin Club.responsibilities focus on annual giving and stewardship.Preston Shytlejoined the Terrapin Club Staff as Direct of Development on May 15. His responsibilities will be focused on major giving and premium seating sales.Legal and Public Health issues in High School and Youth SportsKerri McGowan LowreyLaws surrounding head injuries and the implications to high school and youth sportsSenior Staff Attorney with the Public Health Law Network - Eastern Region based at the University of Maryland School of LawHer areas of research have included:the role of law in cancer prevention,particularly in the areas of tobacco use and obesity preventionhealth disparities and social determinants of healththe use of epidemiological evidence in courtschild welfare lawlegal and ethical implications of emerging technologies.Ticket sales and the Aspire GroupNeil HofmanFRMC manger for the Aspire Group at Maryland AthleticsFan Relationship Management Center*Jeff CzachowskiSenior Sales Consultant for the Aspire Group’s Fan Relationship Management Center at the University of Marylandsales representative for all sports with Maryland Athletics.Making calls and building relationships to hit and exceed his weekly, monthly and yearly sales goals,assists in the management of the internship program including the hiring and training for the intern team.VP Government and Public Affairs/ Sports and Fitness Industry AssociationBill Sellslobbyist for the Sport and Fitness Industry Association.SFIA is a trade organization, which is primarily devoted to companies that create and sell sport and fitness-related products (including licensed merchandise).1) Be able to explain the need for SFIA and what they do for their members2) Be able to name, explain and give examples of the public policy areas that Mr. Sells and SFIA deal with on Capitol Hill3) Be able to explain certain lobbying strategies utilized by Mr. Sells and why so much of the SFIA agenda is devoted to physical activity,NFL Players Association NFLPARepresents all players in matters concerning wages, hours and working conditions and protects their rights as professional football playersAssures that the terms of the Collective Bargaining Agreement are metNegotiates and monitors retirement and insurance benefitsProvides other member services and activitiesProvides assistance to charitable and community organizationsEnhances and defends the image of players and their profession on and off the fieldunion that bargains on behalf of players in the NFL.NFL PLAYERS INC. is the licensing and marketing subsidiary of the NFL Players Association."takes the helmets off" the players and markets them as personalities as well as professional athletes.activities include retail licensing, corporate partnerships, player marketing, special events, broadcast and publishing.The Player Services department works to maximize off-field opportunities for players, including facilitating activations with sponsors, partners and licensees of the NFLPA and promoting players' unique stories and interests.builds relationships with players from their college careers through retirement and communicates ways players can become involved with brand partners and NFLPA initiatives.SponsorsNFL sponsors are given the exclusive right to utilize group player rights – meaning six (6) or more NFL players – as part of their sponsorship agreements.Our team is here to help develop and implement platforms, offer guidance on activating players, and collaborate on all initiatives aimed at growing and leveraging group player rights.LicensingAny program utilizing six (6) or more NFL players in conjunction with consumer products, marketing, advertising or sales initiatives requires a license from NFL PLAYERS Inc – the marketing and licensing subsidiary of the NFLPA.include products that are sold at retail or used as promotional or premium itemsAmanda ShankPlayer Services Manager for NFL PLAYERS INC., the marketing and licensing arm of the NFL Players Association.Manages player activation for 20 sponsor and licensee accounts, including over 1,000 player appearancesContract negotiations annually, as well as endorsement fulfillment and logistics.Kate SkidmoreDirector of Human Resources for the NFL Players Association.responsible forrecruitment and staffing outreachprofessional developmentstrategic and tactical business operational plans.Octagonone of largest athlete representation and sport marketing firms in the world.only sports agency to offer in-house financial services to their clients.Kelly WolfAn agent with the athletes and Personalities Dept.responsible for recruiting/signing talent, for their firm, in addition to negotiating deals on behalf of clients and providing services to those clients.Focuses on TennisFrank ZeccaSenior VP for their client financial groupNov. 5Business Practices and Public Policy Issues in High School and Youth SportObjectives- Governance- Business and management practices- Legal issues- Public policy tensions- Interconnections between theseGovernance: Rules and Enforcement- Governing bodies:o National Youth League Organizations- National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS)o Membership is athletic associations from each state Sometimes more than one association per state- Role of NFHSo Deals with most extracurricular activities The arts (band, dance, debate, etc.) Sports (competitive cheerleading to football to fencing)o Establishes rules and standards for above Unlike NCAA, it is a FEDERATION- It cannot and does not enforce the ruleso This is done at the state level by athletic associations- State Athletic Associationso Organize and help administer competitions Operate by rules/standards put forth by NFHS Organized into: regions, districts, and conferences- Also has a divisional structure based on school sizeo *** Associations operate differently by state In some states, they are part of the Department of Education In most states, they operate independently- Governance of both public and private schools depends on the state(sometimes these are independent)o Typically a small staff- mostly devoted to operations (communications and marketing) Difficulty balancing with rules enforcement and complianceo Challenges in governance Competitive balance: parochial vs. public schools Athlete eligibility and home schooling

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UMD KNES 355 - Business Practices and Public Policy Issues in High School and Youth Sport

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