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Jose E Valdez English 251 Mr Slack December 11 2013 Big Fish How did Tim burton change the things he changed in his film version of Daniel Wallace Big Fish for a more existent atmosphere to a reconciliation to know his father In the movie big fish directed by Tim burton plays the story of Edward bloom more in a chronological order instead of short stories so Edward can understand his dad threw out the whole story The book begins with a teenager William bloom telling the stories of his dad which in his stories shows up as an amazing man as in the movie it also begins with William telling his dads story about the big fish he caught when he was born William in the movie first seems to enjoy his dad s stories but as William becomes a teenager he grows tired of them because he thinks they re for kids The book shows how William as a teenager trying to find his dad in the stories In the movie William becomes tired and stops talking to his dad for years and until Edwards s sickness he starts speaking to him again after years The book does not have as much material on William Almost all the book is about Edwards stories of legendary proportions which at his father s death seem to be a barrier for both of them The obstruction that they share is that they both don t know how to relate with one another William now wants to know the truth behind the stories The stories Edward tells are really foolish and seem to embody nothing and have a lot of meanings in them which William doesn t perceive According to http www mythicjourneys org newsletter dec06 doty html the stories and jokes as a matter of fact appear dysfunctional in terms of communications between the father and the son Edward not only wants to be a remarkable man himself but works for a better upcoming for his son William that s why in each of his stories he teaches William a moral The measures for greatness are really the opposite from those of Williams That s why they conflict so much in their conversations as William becomes older what father doesn t want his son to carry his beliefs and tails The truth is that the stories are the way Edward expresses his affection to his son that s why he makes them so mythical and fantastic The story that he told William about when he leaves Ashland Tim Burton combines two stories to make it as if Edward took the giant in his journey It was very similar because the giant did not fit in the village neither did Edward so it only makes logic they left together for a more sequential order The story that s perhaps the most different in the book compared to the story is the part when he sees the old lady with the eye because in the book he was a young man and in the movie he was just a little boy that s why Edward becomes such a town hero in the film he knows how his going to die so his not frightened of danger The age difference makes a lot of modification on how they bond I think we all get the opportunity to tell our life quests how we rightest find it to be told even if the only thing that s real is the slightest part in the story His father s first death approaches in the book are genuinely good because William sees Edward like a hero who has been taken down by sickness and still considers he could get better The first approach in the film is more of reconciliation with his father because they were having problems communicating William only understands how he wants to know the real dad Edward should have been according to William but even in his death bed he tells jokes without cease the stories Edward tells William are in many ways better that the official version of realism When Edward becomes a father to his only son there is a transformation in him because it seems that his stories get even more wild and William is a vessel which all those stories are deposited threw out the years in the movie Edward represents many symbols among those a great hero who rose from only the dreams he had for example the story when he goes the town called expectre were in the movie he leaves the giant to take this route which possible led to the most dangerous place on earth But instead it leads him to expectre a perfect town similar to the Eden in the bible Everybody just smiles and man greets him and tells him he was waiting for him but not that early as if later in Edward blooms life he was destined to be there But Edward as a dreamer and a story seeker he goes off seeking new stories new mysteries in his path because he replies that s not how he wants to spend the rest of his life But promises a little girl Jenney which is the majors daughter he would return in the future and just like that he runs off into the forest in the search of the mysteries of life he almost can see There is a point in a man s live that he must choose to stay and do the same or make his dreams come true with hard work only few make those dreams come true That s what Tim Burton portrays in Edward a man who won t give up for what he believes is right for example Edward glimpses a beautiful girl in the big top audience but she is whisked out the door with the crowd before he can speak to her She turns out to be a family friend of Calloway Certain that she is the woman he will marry Edward begs Calloway for a job asking for only one piece of information about the girl for every month of work Edward toils at the circus and learns that the girl loves daffodils and music that she is going to college and that her name is Sandra Templeton Edward bids farewell to Mr Calloway and sets off to find Sandra Who is on her way to getting married with one of Edwards s childhood rival in the movie Edward shows up in front of her college dorm explaining his story to her that ever since he saw her in the circus he loved her and worked for years in the circus After Sandra Templeton tells Edward of he goes off Edward not defeated but with a new idea And threw out the days he puts love messages in her way so that she will realize that he really loves her And finally he shows up in front of her dorm with a field of daffodils asking her once again that he is the man of her life Then she comes down and says she will marry him and then he gets a pounding …

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COS ENGL 251 - Big Fish

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