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PETE 1010 Notes continued Artesian effect – when water under the hydrocarbons pushes it up.Well logs – used to record information about the formation through which a well has been drilled to predict whether there is enough oil or has present to justify production.Driller's log – record of the kinds of rocks and fluids encountered at different depths.Wireline logs – a wire line that can carry electricity to give information about rock type, porosity, permeability, and the amount of water and petroleum in a formation.Acoustic log – records sound waves and determines how dense the rock is and how much fluids it contains.Electric log – spontaneous potential log resistivity log induction logSpontaneous potential log – records weak electrical currents flowing naturally in the rock next to the wellbore which shows the boundaries and thickness of each layer of rock.Resistivity log – records resistances.Induction log – records conductivity.Gamma ray log – record gamma particles to find impermeable formationsuch as shale and clay filled sands.Neutron log – indicates presence of hydrogen.SSSV – subsurface safety valve. If hydraulic pressure is removed, the piston will stop the flow of fluid up the tubingWellhead – all equipment on the surface that supports various pipe strings, seals off the well and controls the paths and flow rates of Tubing head – supports the tubing string and controls the path of fluidsChristmas tree – series of valves on top of the tubing that control the flowMaster valve – let fluids flow to the rest of the treeFlow tree – diverts flow from the tubing through a side valve called the wing valve.Choke – controls the flow rateExplosive fracturing – nitro shootingHydraulic fracturing – high pressure injection of fluidsAcidizing – calcium carbonate reacts with HCLWater flooding – water pumped into the reservoir through injection wells to force oil toward the production wellsChemical flooding – water thickened with polymers is used to aid water flooding by improving fluid flowLACT – Lease Automatic Custody Transfer – equipment that improves efficiency and reduced the time necessary to measure, sample, test, and transfer

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