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ISDS 2001FINAL SAMPLE TEST QUESTIONSFALL 20131. Most important service provided by Harrah’s Total Rewards program - itprovided Harrah’s with a vast collection of high volume, real-time transaction data about its customers and their behaviors. 2. BPM encompasses a core set of processes, including financial and _______ planning, consolidation and reporting, modeling, analysis, and monitoring of KPIs, linked to organizational strategy; operational3. ___ is an enterprise wide strategy that seeks to prevent organizations from optimizing local business at the expense of overall corporate performance. BPM4. A(n) ______ plan translates an organization’s strategic objectives and goals into a set of well-defined tactics and initiatives, resource requirements, and expected results for some future time period. Operational5. An effective performance measurement system should: all of the above6. In the BPM cycle, which stage has budgets, forecasts, models, initiatives,and targets? PLAN7. Which of the following is the bet-known and most widely used performance measurement system? Balanced scorecard8. Which of the following are visual displays used to chart progress against strategic and tactical goals and targets? Performance scorecard9. Sigma is a Greek alphabet letter used by statisticians to measure the _________ in a process. Variability. 10. DMAIC is a _______ business improvement model. Closed-loop11. A basic task in the strategic planning process is to ___________ which is a standard strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) assessment of the company. CONDUCT AN ENVIRONMENTAL SCAN12. Best practice organizations tend to utilize _____________ operational planning, which begins the operational planning process by defining the alternative tactics and initiatives that cant be used to reach a particular target: tactic-centric13. An organizations strategic objectives and key metrics should serve as ______ drivers for the allocation of an organizations’ tangible and intangible assets: top-down14. Which case study describes the web-based KPI scorecard system that offers insights into the steps this company took to implement : expedia. 15. An effective diagnostic control system encourages________; management by exception 16. ____ offers a systematic way to uncover problematic assumptions that otherwise remain unnoticed and unchallenged. DISCOVERY-DRIVEN PLANNING17. Hackett’s benchmarking results indicate world-class companies closely align strategic and tactical plans, enabling _______ areas to contribute more effectively to overall business goals; FUNCTIONAL18. Which of the following issues related to BI implantation is false? Developing an effective BI application is no longer complex. 19. Major objectives for BI software integration include all of the following EXCEPT: improving dashboard design20. One of the significant differences between Web 2.0 and the traditional web is the _________ of web 2.0. GREATER COLLABORATION AMONG INTERNET USERS AND OTHER USERS, CONTENT PROVIDERS, AND ENTERPRISES21. The intention of _________ is to achieve a feeling of telepresence and participation from a distance. Active environments22. Today, collaboration on decisions that are more strategic in nature than ever before-decisions that may transforms the business-involves non routine activities such as brainstorming d23. Active tags have a battery as their own power source and do not need a reader to energize them like passive tags do_____ what is the difference between passive and active RFID tags?24. Gillette used RFID to determine whether stores have stocked their shelves with particular items for a particular promotion. 25. RFID generates major data streams ready for analysis through BI technologies. Another massive data source is emerging, along with the data mining technologies to make sense of the data, which is referred to as ______ REALITY

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