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Lodging Operations Final Study GuideFrom Hotel Sales and Hotel Purchasing Lecture: Corporate market: Fastest growing meeting market. - Many small meetings- Mandatory attendance- Convenient location - Paid by master account- Short lead time- Quality food is important Association market: the most visible meeting market.- Voluntary attendance - Rotate location- Few large meetings- Longer lead times- Paid on individual folios From Employee Relations Lecture: Task List: What employees must to do perform job.Job Breakdown: How task needs to be performed. (Standards) Halo Effect: view everything in favorable light.Devils horns: View everything in unfavorable light. What not to ask during an interview: Things regarding: - Age - Race- Marital status- Children- Military - Credit - RecordJob description: includes job title, pay, brief statement of duties, working conditions and hours.Job specialization: an outline of the qualifications for a particular job. Calculations: Walk in:# of walk-ins / total # of room arrivalsUnderstay: # of understay rooms / # of expected checkouts (These are just examples. Be sure to study all) Textbook notes questions: Most common types of promotions utilized by hotels and resorts: - Price promotions – price is the major draw- Trial offers – introduces services to first time customers - Frequency or build promotions –create loyalty Hotels least expensive and most efficient marketing tool: Public Relations.Examples: media, announcements, speeches, interviews, photographs. Child Labor laws: Federal and State laws regulating the age at which minors may be hired for particular kinds of work and the hours permissible for them to work.Sexual Harassment: a form of discrimination. Unwelcomed physical or verbal conduct of a sexual nature that effects or interferes with an individual’s work performance or creates an intimidating work environment. Civil Rights Act 1964, 1991: Prohibits discrimination in any area of employment against a person because that persons race, color, creed, national origin or gender. Family and Medical Leave Act: The act requires employers to permit employees to take up 12 weeks unpaid leave to attend to family or medical matters. Compensations: the total of rewards gained from performance of a job. Benefits: Labor costs in form of social security payments, unemployment insurance, worker compensation insurance, leave under the family medical leave act and overtime payment.Employee Handbook: A publication that provides a clear understanding of the employers expectation of employees and what employees can expect from their workplace. From Hotel and Management lecture: Rule of thumb: rate at $1 for each 1000. Previous Questions:According to the consumer in most recent years, guests continuously rate this asthe most important feature in hotels: Cleanliness PBX: Private branch exchange Positions in hotel revenue center: - Front desk associate- Food and beverage director - Hotel gift shop clerkOrganizations award the star and diamond rating systems: - American Automobile Association (Diamond system) - Forbes mobil travel (star system) Skipper: The guest has left the hotel without making arrangements to settle his/her account. Stayover: the guest is not checking out today and will remain at least one more night. Sleeper: the guest has settled his/her account and left the hotel but the front office staff has failed to properly update the rooms status.On change: the guest has departed but the room has not yet been cleaned and redid for resale.American plan: the guest is provided a room and three meals or some meals.European Plan: The guest is billed for room and meals separately. City Ledger: set of nonguest accounts transfer of nonsettle accounts. Guarantee rooms: hotel holds room for guest, advance deposit and guest is billedeven if no show.Non guarantee rooms: hotels hold rooms until 4 or 6, not accepted if hotel fills up.Confirm room: hotels verifies that guest has reservations. Block: an agreed ipon number of rooms set aside for members of a group that is planning to stay at a hotel. Book: sale or reservation of a hotel room in advance of the arrival date. Cut off date: 30 days before arrival, unreserved rooms return to inventory. Master folio: used for group accounts.Incidental folio: used when folios are split.When guests check of their account is truly zeroed out when they pay with: CashA package price offered by the slicers golf resort inclues the hotel room plus breakfast and dinner. This is: The modified American Plan What types of rooms should be sold last: ADA compliant roomIf a status on a room is available but the housekeepers status says occupied this is an example of: room status discrepancy Group: booking groups to a block of rooms. Rack rate: a standard room rate with no discount.Chapter 5- Sales and Marketing 1. True or False: Direct mail is not often used in hotels and resorts? 2. Bartering in terms of advertising is also called what?A) Trade-ins B) Trade-outs C) Up-trade D) Equal Trade3. True or False: REVPAR stands for revenue per available room. 4. Which of the following is NOT a member of the sales staff?A) Director of SalesB) Guest Service RepresentativeC) Sales ManagerD) Sales Secretary5. What are the two components of Advertising known as?A) Message Function and Placement FunctionB) Creative Function and Media FunctionC) Creative Function and Development FunctionD) None of the AboveChapter 6- Human Resource Management1. Which is not an example of a staff manager?A) Restaurant managerB) Accounting managerC) Legal managerD) Human Resource manager2. True or False- Sexual harassment can only come from males and can only be directed toward females.3. When managers provide special equipment, rearrange job duties, and other accommodations without undue hardship it is known as:A) helping someone outB) understandingC) reasonable accommodationD) company policy4. True or False- According to the Family and Medical leave act, a person can take up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave for medical or family reasons.5. According to the National Labor Relations Act, what percentage of a unit must petition for an election before the National Labor Relations Board to have a vote for union representation?A) 40% B) 30%C) 45% D) 80% (Important key concepts from other chapters)Chapter 8- Loss Prevention and Security1. What is the most common accident that guests have?A) cuts received from sharp metal

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KSU HM 23030 - Lodging Operations Final Study Guide

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