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Animal science combines which three aspects to improve the production of animal food for human use? environment, business and science What does CAFO stand for? Confined Animal Feeding Operation When comparing the typical diet of citizens from developed and developing countries worldwide, there is a difference in their intake of protein and energy; which of the following is true? More protein and more energy Of the protein consumed in developed countries, which of the following is true? most is from animal sources Forages are lower in ____ when compared to concentrates energy/digestibility Zoology and animal science both study animals. How does animal science differ from zoology in how animals are studied? animal science considers animal production When we consider the definition of animal agriculture, which traditional livestock species no longer fits the definition? horses Why is animal protein better for human nutrition? higher quality, less fat and humans can't live off of plants aloneWhich is the most common breed on the US beef cattle herd Black angus Which type of livestock has N.A. origin none of the above based on total feed consumed, which of the following is most efficient? swine and poultry What event greatly increased AG production per farmer while also reducing the percentage of income that consumers spend for food? Morrill Act How are beef and veal different - different breeds- fed differently- managed differently- different agesEPD is a calculated number that is used for what purpose?to determine that value of a sire in a breeding program Where are the most beef cattle in oregon produced? east side of the state what changes a heifer into a cow parturition Finishing cattle in feed lots is necessary to: provide consumers with higher quality beef after weaning, calves in beef cattle is usually dependent on: best use of pasture early breeding of heifers may result in - low calf weights- reduced number of calves- birthing difficultieshow does feeding of beef cattle change from the backgrounding lot to the feed lot? decreased roughage; increase concentrates the beef cattle industry commonly uses hormone implants in their management systems. The primary purpose of the implants is: increase growth rate and efficiency What was the primary destination of the cattle during the cattle drives? to the railroad lines in Kansas and Missouri When observing commercial cattle in a feedlot the animal found there would be: mostly crossbreeds when breeding heifers, min. body weight is important, What is the other important factor? age following weaning, ADG of beef cattle is: highest in the feedlot what dairy product is consumed at the highest level by American consumers fluid milk Compared to other mammalian livestock production industries, what statement is true concerning the dairy industry? it is more financially stable What does the milk test determine? levels of fat and proteinOf the dairy breeds we discussed, which would be considered dual purpose of their value as milk and beef producers? brown swiss and shorthorn most dairies in the US are farms that have fewer than 100 cows. Which size group contains most the cows in the US dairy herd dairies with >500 cows What event in a dairy heifers life is considered the beginning of the lactation cycle? parturition for efficient breeding of dairy cows, breeding should occur at what point?2nd or 3rd heat following parturition during the lactation cycle, the body weight of the dairy cow: declines early and increases late in the cycle why does most of the Us dairy industry not use seasonal dairying ?no milk production during that time of the year which type of dairy milking parlor design is the most efficient in modern dairying? rotary what is the "let down" response in dairy cattle?the beginning of milk flowFirst calf heifers are usually first to be milked during a milking session-why?First time milkers have lower possibility of mastitisFor the best efficiency of a dairy operation the first lactation cycle should begin when the heifers are at what age?24 monthsThe number of times that cows are milked daily is generally determined by: business model of the operationwhich of the following is most like a barrow? - cow- bull- heifer- STEERSwine were first domesticated from wild pigs found in which region of the world?southeast Asiain swine the term farrowing refers to parturitionwhich of the following most properly defines fecundity production of offspring which component in livestock diets cannot be used directly by humans? hay and forage how are polled cattle different from non-polled? non polled are horned, polled have no horns which term denotes a female pig prior to her second litter? sow which beef breed was nearly extinct until federal program was established in the 1920's to make sure it survived?Longhorn(none of the above)What is the difference between a pig and a hog?They are different weightsThe gestation length for swine is how long?3 months 3 weeks 3 daysIn normal swine management weaning of piglets occurs ______ after a sow farrows?2-5 weeks"Ringing" in swine is done to?prevent rootingTo identify pigs in a litter the producer uses which of the following methods?Ear notchesBoar odor is..off smelling meat from processing intact male hogswhat are three important things to remember about the environment in the farrowing room?warm, dry, and draft freeWhich of the following is correct concerning turkey breeding? Breeders use Artificial Insemination In typical commercial broiler production, tunnel ventilation is used, what does this mean?Air is moved lenghtwise in the housewhich of the following species has the longest incubation periodturkeys during the period of egg production for commercial hens, what number of production cycles is used?2 in poultry feeding, what ingredients make up the vast majority of the feed corn and soybean which characteristic of light is primarily responsible for maintaining egg production in laying hens? photoperiod turkeys were domesticated by which civilization aztecs what is vertical integration the production company owns or contracts most or all of their business James Dryden was a poultry researcher in the early 20th century at OSU. What important work did he do?used genetic selection to improve egg numbersa minor poultry product is squab. what type of bird produces squab? pigeons ringneck pheasants were introduced into N.A. in 1800. Where are they native from? asiaFrom what region of the world were

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