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Final Exam Notes English 2291 Modernist Difficulty T S Eliot The Waste Land Robert Hayden Middle Passage T S Eliot The Waste Land divided into 5 sections The Waste Land The Burial of the Dead difficulties different voices whose talking juxtaposition no connective tissue allusions clicking on a link Be able to name a couple of the speakers voices i e be able to give examples MARIE Difficulties we earlier saw the principle of juxtaposition in Pound s In a Station of the Metro Another difficulty missing narrative frame e g The Tempest as one possible frame Earlier examples of Frost s work Death of the Hired Man and Out out we see this story narrative frame but it s been done away with in The Waste Land partly as a result of Pound s editorial Another possible frame Jessie Weston s book about the Holy Grail myths Literary allusions direct us both outside the text external allusion and back into the text as we try to knit things together the tension is in two directions allusions present Those are pearls The Tempest I had not thought death Dante s Inferno Title Anglican burial service Robert Hayden Middle Passage also has different voices also has juxtaposition also has allusions Captains log Slaver s reminiscence Slaver s account of mutiny Long Day s Journey into Night shows modernism because it is a play about acting it is a play about a writer Edmund it is A Day In The Life structure of the amount of literary allusion it s a Freudian play this is a family seeding with Freudian resentments this is a haunted house electric lighting shows modernity the play shows the immigrant experience the tension between the first and second generation views on tuberculosis are different between the two generations this is a play about modern addiction Aristotle thought that there should only be 1 plot 1 place and 1 day in a good play the 3 classical unities unity of action unity of place unity of time Shakespeare does not follow these O Neil does Arthur Miller Death of a Salesman The memory play is a modernist thing slipping in and out of memories alternation between inner and outer realities play definition of tragedy when the protagonist important character falls to disaster through the combination of a personal failing and circumstances beyond his control the thing that makes Othello great is also what brings him down his goodness Death of a Salesman is a tragedy because Charley s words at Willy s funeral what Linda says in act 1 about Willy not being a great man but attention must still be paid to him Losers deserve that attention as much as winners do Death of a Salesman is a modernist play Beat Generation Allen Ginsberg Howl A Supermarket in California imaginary dialogue with Walt Whitman and with Federico Lorca in Supermarket LeRoir Jones Amiri Gary Snyder Riprap riprap about horses walking on a trail studied Chinese in college and then translated poems Post Modernists Ralph Ellison Battle Royal first chapter of Invisible Man post harlem renaissance Flannery O Conor Good Country People she in in dialogue with Faulkner she comes after Faulkner writing about southern gothic black humor 2 kinds of traps a trap characters set for one another character sets trap for someone else and falls into a trap themselves a trap author sets for readers clich s from Good Country People one of Mrs Hopewell s favorite sayings Nothing is perfect That is life allegory literary device where literal persons objects events are used to symbolize abstract concepts or ideas an enormously extended metaphor Animal Farm Do we read it as real or as symbolic Bishop The Armadillo One Art One Art is a Vilanelle Berryman from The Dream Songs 29 45 384 Lowell Skunk Hour For the Union Dead Sexton Little Girl My String Bean My Lovely Woman Skunk Hour and The Armadillo These poems are in dialogue with each other Nuclear war analogy in Lowell s Skunk Hour Traces of Postmodernity the WHAT of postmodern writing suburbanization urban crisis mid century mediascape TV postmodern war Features of Postmodernism the HOW of postmodern writing Plurality of worlds The Swimmer magical realism The Babysitter garden of forking paths The Indian Uprising heterotopia Remediation Avant pop Metafiction The Last Avant Garde The New York School of Poets John Ashbery Soonest Mended Into the Dusk Charged Air They Dream only of America Frank O Hara Personism A Manifesto A Step Away from Them The Day Lady Died Why I Am Not a Painter Barbara Guest Santa Fe Trail Red Lilies Ted Berrigan Sonnets II XXXVI LIII LV LXXVI LXXVII LXXXVIII imitates O Hara Bernadette Mayer Experiments work your ass off to get famous Sonnet You Jerk you didn t call me Birthday Sonnet for Grace Sonnet Kamikaze Sonnet So long honey don t ever come around again These guys are poets among painters of the new york school Larry River was painter Jo Brainer was pop art artist O Hara worked at museum of modern art remediation representing one medium in another medium representing TV in a print story The Babysitters Indian Uprising Why I am not a Painter has remediation painting Sardines in this poem Ekphrasis representing a visual artwork in a verbal text O Hara s Why I am Not a Painter Sardines Lunch poems were poems O Hara wrote at lunch time Day Lady Died was one of them Personism O Hara s poems his I do this I do that poems Billy Holiday was the day lady died Mal Waldron Billy Holiday s piano player 3 points about New York School 1 Poets among painters 2 Personism 3 Experiments Bernadette Mayer wrote experiments inviting readers to practice being creative in writing she said write in a strict form or transform prose into poetic form Experiment in Into the Dusk Charged Air one river per line Get a list of the world s river Rather than experiment let s call it Proceduralism Into the Dusk Charged Air a river in every line swerve clinamen deliberate deviation in order to keep things fresh post modernist are interested in pop culture avant garde Bernadette puts in a chose your own adventure at end of sonnet Eighties Fiction Toni Morrison Recitatif page 1403 Raymond Carver Cathedral page 1495 both set in upstate new york Realist and Modernist Techniques suburbanization to urban crisis to gentrification both of these stories have TV and Remediation and drug culture both of these stories have unreliable narrators estrangement withholding of information these writers were minimalists Gordon Lish Carver s editor he made carver into a minimalist second wave of feminism Emily Dickinson page 95 My

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