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ORIGIN INSERTION ACTION AGONISTNAMEHead and NeckBuccinatorpterygomandibular raphe, mandible, and the maxilla lateral to the molar teeth angle of mouth and the lateral portion of the upper and lowerlips pulls the corner of mouth laterally; pressesthe cheek against the teeth Synergist: Risorius frontalis galea aponeurotica skin of the eyebrow elevates the eyebrows and wrinkles the forehead masseter zygomatic arch and zygomatic bone lateral surface ofthe ramus and angle of the mandible elevates the mandible orbicularis oculi orbital part: medial orbital margin and the orbital part: skinof the lateral cheek; palpebralcloses the eyelids No synergist or antagonist formedial palpebralligament; palpebral part: medial palpebralligament part: lateral palpebral raphe orbicularis oris skin and fascia of lips and the area surrounding the lips skin and fascia of the lips purses the lips No synergist or antagonist for sternocleidomastoid sternal head: anterior surface of the manubrium; clavicular head: medial 1/3rd of the clavicle mastoid process and lateral 1/2 of the superior nuchal line draws the mastoid process down toward thesame side whichcauses the chin to turn up toward the opposite side; acting together, the muscles of the two sides flex the neck temporalis temporal fossa and the temporalfascia coronoid process of the mandible and the anterior surface of the ramus of the mandible elevates the mandible; retracts the mandible (posterior fibers) Trunks and Brachial Regionbiceps brachii short head: tip of the coracoid process of the scapula; long head: supraglenoid tubercle of the scapula tuberosity of theradius flexes the forearm, flexes arm (long head),supinates Elbow Flexionbrachialis anterior surface coronoid flexes theof the lower one-half of the humerus and theassociated intermuscular septa process of the ulna forearm deltoid lateral one-third of the clavicle, acromion, the lower lip of the crest of the spine of the scapula deltoid tuberosity of thehumerus abducts arm; anterior fibers flex & medially rotate the arm; posterior fibers extend & laterally rotate the arm Shoulder FlexionShoulder ExtensionShoulder AbductionIntercostals, externalslower border of a rib within an intercostal space upper border of the rib below, coursing, downward and medially keeps the intercostal space from blowing out or sucking in during respirationIntercoastals, internalupper border of arib lower border of rib above, coursing up and medially keeps the intercostal space from blowing out or sucking in during respirationlatissimus dorsi vertebral spines from T7 to the sacrum, posterior third of the iliac crest,lower 3 or 4 ribs, sometimes from the inferiorangle of the scapula floor of the intertubercular groove extends the arm and rotates the arm medially Shoulder Adductionlevator scapulae transverse processes of C1-C4 vertebrae medial border ofthe scapula fromthe superior angle to the elevates the scapulaspine pectoralis major medial 1/2 of the clavicle, manubrium & body of sternum, costal cartilages of ribs2-6, sometimes from the rectus sheath of the upper abdominal wall crest of the greater tubercle of the humerus flexes and adducts the arm,medially rotates the arm shoulder adductionpectoralis minor ribs 3-5 coracoid processof the scapula draws the scapula forward,medialward, anddownward rectus abdominis pubis and the pubic symphysisxiphoid process of the sternum and costal cartilages 5-7 flexes the trunk Spine Flexionserratus anterior ribs 1-8 or 9 medial border ofthe scapula on its costal (deep) surface it draws the scapula forward;the inferior fibers rotate the scapula superiorly subscapularis medial two-thirds of the costal surface ofthe scapula (subscapular fossa) lesser tubercle of the humerus medially rotates the arm; assists extention of the arm Shoulder MedialRotationsupraspinatus supraspinatous fossa greater tubercle of the humerus (highest facet) abducts the arm (initiates abduction) teres major dorsal surface ofthe inferior angle of the scapula crest of the lesser tubercle of the humerus adducts the arm,medially rotates the arm, assists in arm extensionShoulder MedialRotationteres minor upper 2/3 of the lateral border of the scapula greater tubercle of the humerus (lowest facet) laterally rotates the arm Shoulder Lateral RotationTransversus abdominislower 6 ribs, thoracolumbar fascia, anterior 3/4 of the iliac crest, lateral 1/3 of inguinal ligament linea alba, pubic crest and pecten of the pubis flexes and laterally bends trunk trapezius medial third of the superior nuchal line, external occipital protuberance, ligamentum nuchae, spinous processes of vertebrae C7-T12 lateral third of the clavicle, medial side of the acromion and the upper crest of the scapular spine, tubercle of the scapular spine elevates and depresses the scapula (depending on which part of the muscle contracts); rotates the scapula superiorly; retracts scapula triceps brachii long head: infraglenoid tubercle of the scapula; lateral head: posterolateral humerus & lateral intermuscular septum; medial head: posteromedial surface of the inferior 1/2 of the humerus olecranon process of the ulna extends the forearm; the long head extends and adducts arm Elbow ExtensionPelvic and Femoral Regionsadductor longus medial portion of the superior linea aspera of the femur adducts, flexes, and medially Hip Adductionpubic ramus rotates the femur adductor magnus ischiopubic ramus and ischial tuberosity linea aspera of the femur; the ischiocondylar part inserts on the adductor tubercle of the femur adducts, flexes, and medially rotates the femur; extends the femur (ischiocondylar part) Hip Adductionbiceps femoris long head: ischial tuberosity; shorthead: lateral lip of the linea aspera head of fibula and lateral condyle of the tibia extends the thigh, flexes the leg Knee Flexiongluteus maximus posterior glutealline, posterior surface of sacrum and coccyx, sacrotuberous ligament upper fibers: iliotibial tract; lowermost fibers: gluteal tuberosity of thefemur extends the thigh; laterally rotates the femur Hip ExtensionHip Lateral Rotationgluteus medius external surface of the ilium between the posterior and anterior gluteal lines greater trochanter of thefemur abducts the femur; medially rotates the thigh Hip AbductionHip Medial Rotationgracilis pubic

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