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MARK 3000 TEST 3Promotion - communication by marketers that informs, persuades, and reminds potential buyers of a product in order to influence an opinion or elicit a response.- promotional mix-advertising, public relations, sales promotion and personal selling - consistency is important and combing the 4 P's- IMC- careful coordination of all promotional messages to assure the consistency of messages at every contact point where a company meets the consumer- ex: movies use this approach a lot- tasks of promotion - shows the consumer their product has an advantage, a competitive advantage 1) informing- stimulate interest in new product (early life cycle)2) persuading- emphasizes product's competitive advantage (growth stage) 3) reminding - reminder you need the product (maturity stage) o informative promotion increase awareness explain how product works build company image usually in introductory and/or growth stageo persuasive promotion encourage brand switching change customer's perceptions of product attributes influence immediate buying decision usually in growth and mature stage o reminder promotion remind customers that product may be needed remind customers where to buy product maintain customer loyalty normally in the mature stage- How to accomplish the task : the AIDA concepto AIDA- model that outlines the process for achieving promotional goals in terms of stagesof consumer involvement with messageAdvertising- impersonal, one way mass communication that is paid for my a marketer ; can reach large or small groups depending on the medium usedMARK 3000 TEST 3- institutional advertising- enhances a company's image rather than promotes a particular product; promotes the company as a whole o corporate identity- ex: MasterCard priceless campaign, UPS inequality ad, Proctor and Gamble mom ad (athletes in Olympics thanking mom for their support)o advocacy advertising -organization expresses its views on controversial issues or responds to media attacks to avid negative consumer attitudes about brand ex: Phillip Morris don't smoke campaign - product advertising- touts the benefits of a specific good or serviceo pioneering/ informative -stimulates primary demand for new product or product category (introductory stage)  ex: Apple teaser campaign only showing the picture of the IPhone o competitive/ persuasive - focuses on features; influences demand for a specific brand (growth stage) o comparative- directly compares to competitor; used if company is experiencing slow growth or enters market with a lot of competition ex: Mac vs. Pc commercial o reminder- mostly household brand names Advertising Campaign- series of related advertisements focused on common theme, with a common goalAdvertising objective- specific communication task a campaign should accomplish for a specified target audience during a specific time 1. develop goals and objectiveso DAGMAR approach -states all advertisers goals should precisely define the target audienceo ***everything you do should be related to the goal***o budget objectives- how much is to be spent?o message- what is to be accomplished?  AIDA modelo sample advertising objective educate 15% of 18-30 year old men about the Gillette Fusion razor's benefits within the next 12 monthsMARK 3000 TEST 32. identify product benefitso "sell the sizzle not the steak"o sell product's benefits, not its attributeso a benefit should answer "what's in it for me?"3. develop and evaluate advertising appealso a reason for a person to buy a producto unique selling proposition desirable, exclusive, and believable advertising appeal selected as the theme fora campaigno advertising appeals- profit, health, love/sex, fear, admiration, convenience, fun and pleasure, vanity an egotism, emotional -> executional styles 4. execute the messageo the way an ad portrays its informationo must attract attention and interest, but not distract from the content o modelExecutional Style DescriptionSlice of life Depicts people in normal settingsEx: Mcdonalds showing youngster munching on friesLifestyle Shows how product fits with consumers lifeEx: Volkswagon shows how the Jetta moves though the streets of the French QuarterSpokesperson/ testimonial Can feature celebrity or someone making a testimonialEx: Sheryl Crow represents Revlon's hair coloringFantasy Creates fantasy for the viewer built around the use of the productEx: carmakers use this to have consumer fantasize about driving around long country roadsHumorous Ex: snickers campaign "not going anywhere for a while" with souls waiting forever to get into heavenReal/ animated Ex: Energizer bunnyMood or image Builds mood or image around productEx: DeBeers ads depicting shadowyMARK 3000 TEST 3silhouettes and saying "a diamond is forever" Demonstration Shows consumers expected benefitEx: commercials showing removal of laundry spots Musical Conveys message through songEx: Nike commercial played "you are so beautiful" in the background while they depicted marathoners with tortured feetScientific Use scientific research to give product superiorityEx: Advil commercials 5. evaluate the campaigno pretests measures - are consumers likely to respond positively to the ad?o post test measures-  do consumers understand the ad?  did the ad meet its objectives/ goals? what method of communication will be used? in selecting media and schedule, marketer must consider media typesMajor Advertising Media - advantages and disadvantagesMedium Advantages DisadvantagesNewspapers Geographic selectivity, timeliness and flexibilityNot good for trying to reach specific markets, lots of distractions from other printMagazines Good reproduction, can reach specific markets, provides good market selectivity, relatively longadvertising lifeLong term advertiser commitments, slow audience build up, cost per contact is high Radio Low cost, flexible, selectivity , can be scheduled short noticeNo visual treatment, short advertising life, lots of distractions from other sounds Television Wide variety of people, specific audience depending on time, low cost per thousand, creative opportunity Long lead times, high campaign costs, commercial clutterInternet Interactive, versatile platform forany age group, moderate cost, good at increasing brand awarenessAd exposure relies on "click through", not everyone has access to internet Outdoor Media Flexible, moderate cost, repetitionShort message, distractionsMARK 3000

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