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ADPR 3120 TEST 1 Media Definitions and Philosophies Terms to know with maximum impact medium refers to single class of media etc o ex television media the marketing communications channels which deliver messages to target audiences o generic term applied to classes of media such as print broadcast out of home digital media vehicle specific media carriers that deliver your creative messages o ex time magazine or american idol media planning strategic process of determining target audience and delivering messages Ma have questions whether something is media or media vehicle Media Categories traditional o media originally relied on print and analog broadcast models o included television newspaper consumer and trade publications outdoor sites direct mail movie and music studios and books o largely interpersonal engaging in one way communications with their audiences o cable television was considered new at the time o traditional media still accounts for 90 of total media expenditures o encompasses the convergence of traditional media with the internet o ex online editions of major newspapers and magazines are new media publications digital alternative o also known as ambient media non traditional media o innovative concepts and products that are changing the face of the industry o ex interactive kiosk in shopping centers marketing services o kind of advertising communication known as below the line media o managers responsible for budgets that have a more measurable impact on sales results direct mail ADPR 3120 TEST 1 trade promotion consumer promotion offers and incentives experimental marketing at on site events product placement in movies or tv shows Media s Impact and Role Media Roles investment for the advertiser Marketing function job is to produce maximum communications impact and return on Communication Function needed in order to perform marketing role in building brand unity o connect brand s marketing messages to target markets o engage consumers with the brands message o reach target consumers often enough to be memorable o manage and coordinate brand contacts o address specific marketing problems with opportunities Professional Media Functions media planning the process of developing an effective media strategy and action plan media buying process of identifying the preferred vehicles and negotiating with selling media to reach satisfactory price and other important terms and conditions o transaction is called media buy o person who negotiates the transaction with the seller is called the media buyer media sales persuading the media buyer and media buying influencers to purchase a medium s inventory of time space or clicks media selling the media package positioning of the advertisers spot and free promotions Media Planning contemplates how traditional digital alternative and marketing services media can best address marketing problems or capitalize on marketing opportunities media plan also known as tactical plan provides recommendations and detailed rationales for media planner someone who develops or supervises the development of media plans through a all media activities and spending rigorous media planning process marketing analysis ADPR 3120 TEST 1 translate marketing situation Types of Media Planning short term long term o lays foundation online offline o solid strategy should balance short term ROI well with longevity o complimentary supplementary and often working toward the same communication and business goals in different ways mass niche o instead of targeting all people you can target who specifically is doing the buying o smaller audiences and buyers can be more critical than bigger audiences and buyers effectiveness efficiency o always about cost receptivity relevance o finding and connecting with the current and potential valued customers o finding the right time to get on the radar screen for consumers is huge o everyone unknowingly filters out thousands of messages each day o understanding how consumers wired and how they form a relationship with outher primacy recency category brand art science o Media in Marketing Integrated Marketing Communications IMC planning process designed to assure that all brand contacts received by a consumer or prospect for a product service or organization are relevant to that person and consistent over time o includes using the right communications address marketing problems or opportunities o tools for IMC o goal is to use whatever marketing communication tools will best and most effectively ADPR 3120 TEST 1 advertising communications tool used to communicate messages that the advertiser believes will be beneficial either in the long or short term direct marketing method of marketing or advertising whose objective is to generate a direct response from the consumer consumer and trade promotion online advertising and promotion publicity advertisers have control over the message timing and placement product placement an advertiser pays to place products in movies or television event marketing programs or Internet video products are embedded in an environment usually devoid of advertising rapidly growing alternative to traditional advertising custom publishing changes in the marketing environment and in marketing philosophy have impacted the relative importance of these elements most notably diminishing the emphasis on advertising Marketing Mix the proportion of ad dollars spent on your brand in each media category o media mix brand medium expenditure brand total expenditure x 100 Promotional Mix specific combination of promotional methods used for one product or a o 4 Ps product place price promotion family of products o elements of promotional mix print or broadcast advertising direct marketing personal selling point of sale displays merchandising communicate o promotion mix consists of those elements of the marketing mix designed specifically to ADPR 3120 TEST 1 role of media in the context of marketing here changes in marketing environment Marketing Advertising Media Objectives Marketing plan translation of the marketing strategy into an action plan with budgets to implement it o lays everything out on a calendar and spreadsheet Media Plan Components analyze the market establish media objectives develop media strategy implement media strategy evaluate performance Situation Analysis detailed description of the brand s current marketing situation o media expenditures for competing brands comprehensive review and analysis

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