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GEA 3600 Exam 2 Study Guide Q/A1. Which of the following is NOT one of the key conservation principles developed by the colonial powers in the London Convention or by Theodore Roosevelt in the USA?They did make national parks, did ban hunting, Did not do was make money off of them. -NOT2. Which of the following attributes is NOT true of a “frontier economy”, such as the circumstances under which North American lost most of its bison?“Frontier Economy” no rule of killing, globalization increased wildlife, technology will make wildlife cheaper. They are strong government rules - NOT3. Under what circumstances is the high price of wildlife (e.g. rhino) advantageous to rhino conservation? Communities are making a profit of the investment. 4. Desertification happens primarily in:Semi-arid (Sahel)5. What is the limiting factor to plant growth in drylands where desertification occurs?Rainfall, water6. Three of the following measures are commonly used to stop erosion. Which measure does NOT stop erosion?Destocking wildlife, brushlines, plowing along the contoursDon’t plow up and down – Does NOT7. What is the main cause of desertification in semi-arid areas?Overstocking the wildlife can lead to desertification8. In which ecosystem would you find a millet/sorghum and livestock farming system?Semi savannah dry areas9. In which ecosystem would you find a tree crop (like cocoa or oil palm) farming system?Tropical Forests10. What percentage of Africans work in agriculture?More than 60%111. A key reason that global conservation policies are NOT always effective in Africa is that:The cost are local 12. Which of the following definitions of deforestation provided by FAO is correct?Conversion of forests to another canopy less than 10%13. What is the official FAO definition of forest degradation?Conversion of open forest to a closed forest14. What is the main cause of deforestation in Africa (accounts for 50%+ of deforestation)?Conversion of land to agricultural 15. What is the main cause of forest degradation in Africa?Fuel with consumption16. What percentage of home energy consumption does fuelwood provide in Africa?More than 60%17. In which countries do most of the remaining rainforests occur?Both of Congos18. Which country has lost 80% of its remaining coastal rainforest?’Nigeria19. Which of the following reasons for the expansion of the bushmeat trade in Africa is NOT true?What is true: logging opens up the forest, don’t have property rights to protect wildlife, guns arereadily available. People living in the forest are unaware of the problem20. In Africa, most of the forest is owned by:Government officials21. Malthusian theory suggests that:Growth and population is going to outstript the food production.22. Population growth rate is: Birthrate – death rate + net migration23. Fertility rate is: 2The average number of children per woman.24. Which one of the following statements is FALSE? Africa has a high population growth rate because:Urban areas have a lot of children.25. Which of the following does NOT reduce the rate of population growth?Poverty 26. Which of the following statements is FALSE regarding Gross Domestic Product (GDP)?GDP doesn’t tell you the distribution of income.27. Which of the following countries in Africa has the highest GDP per capita?South Africa28. The Human Development Index includes three dimensions of human well-being. Which of thefollowing is NOT one of the indicators?Literacy, Life Expectancy, GDPHappiness is not29. Which statement is TRUE?Africa has the most distribution of wealth in all of Africa30. The Gini coefficient measures:Measures the inequality in a country. 31. An impersonal economy is associated with all of the following EXCEPT:Rapid growth will end up creating profit for the President and his collegues32. Mark the statement that is FALSE. Africa’s recent economic growth is associated with:Strong leadership from political big men33. Which of the following is NOT among the most serious health problems in Africa:Cancer34. In poor countries, and in Africa, deaths are mostly caused by:Communital disease35. Which of the following is NOT implicated in the transmission of Ebola to humans:Elephants 336. Malaria is most prevalent in Africa in:Tropical Forest37-39. Match the disease with the vector:Malaria A. Tsetse flyOnchocerciasis B. MosquitoTrypanosomiasis C. Black fly40. Which of the following is NOT an oil-producing country?Baswana41. The only African country that uses nuclear power is:South Africa42. Which of the following renewable energy sources is NOT subject to climatic conditions:Geothermal43. Which of the following environmental changes does NOT affect the Datoga pastoralists in Tanzania?Sea Level Rise44. The primary source of energy for households in the Niger Delta is:Firewood45. How do scientists predict that climate change will affect Africa?Will be in increase in water stress, increase in extreme events, and change in disease patterns46. A Biodiversity Hotspot presents all of the following conditions EXCEPT:No active volcanoes 47. Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of selective logging in the Congo basin:Logging companies selecting what areas to clear cut48. The Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) promotes forest management:Using independent auditors and third parties49. Mali has one of the fast growing human populations in the World (3.4%). According to the Demographic Transition Model, it is probably in the “High Expanding State”. This is characterized by:High births, low deaths50. The recent growth in agricultural output in Africa is caused mostly by:Expansion of cultivated

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UF GEA 3600 - Exam 2 Study Guide Q/A

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