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1 2 COM 350 STUDY GUIDE Outline What role do the PowerPoints play in this course What role do the readings class discussion and class lectures play in the course To FULLY UNDERSTAND the POWERPOINTS you will need to ADD EXPLANATIONS AND AMPLIFICATIONS OF THE IDEAS in the PowerPoints which can be obtained through 3 What class activities are meant to deal with the application of ideas from the Powerpoints CLASS ILLUSTRATIONS EXERCISES and CASE STUDIES PROJECTS THE NATURE AND ORIGIN OF INTERCULTURAL COMMUNICATION Nature of Intercultural Com When did the formal study of other cultures begin and what was its impetus 19th century Industrial Revolution colonialism decolonialism WWII When did scholars focus on the specific characteristics of communication between people from different cultures Mid 20th century In the study of intercultural communication a tension has existed between what two approaches In depth and practical imperative What are the characteristics of the in depth cultural approach to intercultural communication a Long time exposure to a culture anthropological What are the weaknesses of the in depth cultural approach a Lots of time and energy not available b Knowledge only applicable to one culture What is involved in the micro cultural crucial features of interaction approach the smaller units of a culture that have an obvious and immediate impact on interaction between members of different cultures What does Hall mean by out of awareness aspects of communication a patterned a set of unspoken implicit rules of behavior and thought b tone of voice gestures time and spatial relationships as aspects of communication What did Hall emphasize in his early work on intercultural communication a What was the integrating focus of his later work CONTEXTING a The contextual nature of messages cultures b The use of space proxemics c The use of time chronomics What are the main definitions of culture and which one did we adopt a COGNITIONS or BEHAVIORS or MATERIAL CULTURE or Some Combination of the ABOVE b MOST OPT FOR COGNITIONS What is our working definition of culture a Group of People with a shared sense of identity and a Common Set of Values Beliefs and Attitudes What is the definition of communication and what are its key elements a Messages meaning process Based on our definitions of culture and communication how are they seen as relating to each other a Culture is seen as cognitions i e the values and beliefs of a group of people and b Communication is seen as those behaviors messages that have meaning to people What are the elements of a definition of intercultural communication a Face to face b Two or more people c Different cultures d Messages are central focus of interaction e Variety of ways to create meaning relationships What is cultural communication communicative behaviors as practiced in a particular culture What is international communication mediated communication between individuals and entities from different nations or cultures What is comparative communication a the comparison of communicative practices and norms in two or more different cultures without assuming any interaction between people from the different cultures EX meaning of a smile in US and Japan What does cross cultural communication mean a Ambiguous 2 3 2 3 4 How does intercultural communication differ from cultural communication international communication and comparative communication a Face to face between two cultures What are the three dimensions along which these different forms of communication differ a Number of cultures type of medium interaction RELATIONSHIP between communication and culture 1 and culture How would you describe each in terms of specific aspects of interaction What are the three general ways of viewing the causal relationship between communication Culture affects Communication Communication and Culture mutually reciprocally affect each other Communication affects Culture What do we mean by the idea that communication can affect or change a culture How would the American civil rights movements of the 60s and 70s be illustrative of this Speeches etc changed laws INTERCULTURAL COMMUNICATIVE EVENT 1 What do we mean by negotiation in intercultural communicative events they must be Negotiated using The patterns of one person s culture The patterns of the other person s culture or Newly created patterns What is the defining moment of intercultural communication and why Actual event What are the three origins of behaviors in an intercultural communicative event a A Universal Elements of Communication b B Cultural Elements of Communication c C Individual Idiosyncratic Elements of Communication In an intercultural communicative event when can the intercultural interaction between two people be understood to be similar and when dissimilar Similar when related to universal elements Similar or dissimilar when related to cultural elements some things are similar some are dissimilar between any two cultures Similar or dissimilar when related to individual elements a Some things are similar some are dissimilar between any two individuals personalities 5 6 7 8 1 2 3 4 5 What is the role of discomfort in intercultural communicative events a Can lead to visible understandings When are conceptual ideas such as culture important in an intercultural communicative event a When they are manifested in an event When people engage in an intercultural communication event what things are important a Actual messages people display b Meanings they negotiate What does instantiation mean in the context of an intercultural communicative event a When something is embodied in a communicative event MESSAGES INTERCULTURAL COMMUNICATION What is the core element of intercultural communicative events Messages What are the two different points of view that we can use to study messages Analytic or experiential What are messages tangible manifestation that is related to meaning and connects interacting entities wholistic elements of interaction that encompass media code systems and content Messages are composed of what three things Media code systems content What is a code a A system of Signs that work together to create meaning What are media 6 media are the physical substances e g sound waves and their corresponding sensory mechanisms auditory mechanisms 7 What does content mean a Information with a structure that makes sense b This information is what we look for in a message c The medium and code system is

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