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Communication 469—Exam II Study GuideFirst — Did many Negroes bolt the Republican Party? $No. $It is true that a larger number of colored people voted the Democratic ticket this year than at any time since they have hadthe franchise. $THEN IN THE SAME SPEECH SHE SAYS Since the Negro vote helped theRepublican Party win the 1928 victory, the question has been asked again and again, what does it profit the Negro to give his vote to keep the Republican Party in power? $WHICH DID THEY HELP???^It’s a mix of both, I wrote it down below. Again, Nannie was one of the Black Republicans(like Pickens aka the Spell-binders) who advocated for Hoover to win but this election was important in part because more Blacks than ever before were voting for democrats. (If it helps, notice the word difference, in the first she says “bolt” in the second she says “helped.” Blacks did help by advocating like Nannie but they did not give so many votes to republicans that they made them win.)Does anyone know what “the negro question” is that Pickens refers to?$$$ “And he welcomes, too, the opportunity to lift the “Negro question” out of the narrow confines of the Southern United States and make it a world question. Like many other questions our domestic race question, instead of being settled by Mississippi and South Carolina, will now seek its settlement largely on the battlefields of Europe.”--> thats the quote from the Kind of Democracy, but I’m not sure what it means??“I had a question about the "Negro question" from the Pickens piece. Is the question he's referring to that of civil rights for Blacks (as in whether or they should have them) and make it an international question?” Her answer was yes. Basically make the civil rights issue an international one.$$$ $$$ $$$ $$$ Scottsboro: An American Tragedy · March 25, 1931- Whites tried to knock blacks off trains Blacks fought back word got out and whites came with guns to kill them o 2 white women claimed boys raped themo 9 prisoners taken in Scottsboro newspapers called them the 9 N* bruteso depression had affected nation especially in Alabama- hobos were in railroads by the thousands- Ruby Bates and Victoria Priceo Worked in poor textile miles (14 hour day)o Traded sex with black and white men for food and moneyo April 6th, trial- No blacks in court, lasted 3 dayso In early 1930s, lynchings went up- Many who died were accused of rapeo Killby tower- Imprisoned those who were to be later executed- 8 boys taken there- they rioted but guards beat them· Communism - By 1931, communist was a small but powerful forceo Wanted to use 9 to publicize their partyo Communists spread word internationallyo Protests against deaths in Germany and Spain Case taken to supreme court Decided lawyers weren’t good enough, did not have good representation, first verdict was thrown out Boys got new trials Communists hired a lawyerSamuel L. Leibowitz· Jury was all white· Ruby Bates had disappeared, no one could find her· NAACP- More interested in defending the 9· Samuel L. Leibowitz- Set up train model from toys- Victoria caught in a lieo 2 witnesses said she was actually with themo Reporters- Northern reporters reported on how Leibowitz brilliantly asked questions- Southerners thought that he was attacking her- Stirred up north/south rivalso Cross examined doctor, sperm was oldo Lester Carter was a witness, claimed the girls were having sex with him and another mano Ruby Bates- Called as a witness for the defense- Prosecution said she’d been bought by communismo Verdict was guilty- Major factor was lawyer being jewish- Lawyer called on judge Horton to overturn the verdict on the grounds that the jury was allwhiteo He (Horton) did· Guilty verdict sparked a new movemento Whites/blacks marched together- Rekindled struggle for equality· Communists…again- Sponsored tour for speeches for women who were mothers of defendantso Joined by Ruby Bates· Prosecutors had Horton removed for next trialo All 9 boys were sent to Kilby death house- Guards brutalized them- Boys started to turn on one another· Appeals taken to Alabama Supreme Court- Alabama refused to let Blacks serve on jury which was a clear violation of the boys’ rightso When supreme court saw list of Jurors, they ruled Alabama had deliberately not included blacks· A lot of southerners were worn down because of the cost of all the trials- Wanted a compromiseo Terms were for Leibowitz had to step asideo State did not convict the 2 13 year olds, the nearly blind boy and the one with syphiliso Former sponsors left them The 5 remaining boys stuck in prison World started to forget about themo Alabama relented because there was less pressure· Alabama parole board slowly let out boyso Patterson remained in prison- Later escaped and headed north- Horton never served again (not reelected)- Leibowitz also set in motion for mixed juries. Also became an advocate for the death penalty· Years later…- Victoria Price disappearedo She resurfaced to sue NBC for a documentary they’d made of hero After release from prison, the boys lived trouble lives- Andy Wright was falsely accused again- Patterson was put in prison- Roy Wright killed his wife and committed suicide- Clarence Norriso Fled Alabama and went north Got married and had kids Wanted full pardon from Alabama Wanted world to know racism was problem Got pardon$$$ $$$ $$$ $$$ Black Press:1. How did the press cover the movie “Birth of a Nation” (1915)?- Black Press: The NAACP fought against the film through black press citing that it incites race riots and perpetuates stereotypes of blacks.- White Press: The film was praised for the camerawork and images--it transformed the way films were made2. What differences did you notice between press coverage in white and black newspapers?- White newspapers depicted the black rioters outside the theatre as a disturbance, not explaining why they may be upset over the film--they give an account of policemen usingforce against the blacks rioting- Black newspapers warned those who would see the film to take it with a grain of salt and reflect on the message of the film: the glorification of the KKK and the killings of blacks3. How did the press cover the lynching of Jesse Washington? - Black press: o use of

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