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Indo European FolktalesGiants In Denmark*There have to be giants because of all these caves and huge stones*Flood knocked them outFrau Holle Stone*Stones have furrows because this lady criedDruidical Circles and Monoliths*Sacred stone was taken from its place to hold a door for cattle and then bad things happened and then the farmer returned it to the normal spot: everything is good.Bomere Pool*People were bad to God and worshipped other people. Priest tried to prevent it, they didn’t care. Then village got floodedOrigin of Tis Lake*Troll didn’t like pious people ringing their bells in his town, so he went to another land. Traveller was walking by his land and is from the same place as he, and then gave him a letter saying to to open. Man got curious and opened it along the way in ameadow, and water came out. God made sure it opened in a meadow to protect his people.Origin of the Wrekin*Troll didn’t like a guy so he wanted to use some earth in his pocket to dam up a river and flood guy’s place. Later along the way he met a cobbler, asked how to get there, cobbler didn’t want to lose business so he said the place is too far, so the troll got tired and decided to drop his load right there. Moses and El Khudr*Guy is trouble so God sends him on a journey with a man. Man tells him not to question anything being done. Guide steals from first host, gives to second , and thenkills third. Guy ends up questioning what happened and then gets troubled and guide says he did everything good. First was stingy, second skinflint, third is a murderer.Mar Jiryis and the Dragon*Dragon was at the fountain where the inhabitants got water so to use they sacrificed a girl, finally only the princess was left to sacrifice. A man came and rescued her (Mar Jiryis and then they got married and lived happily)As Many Children as There are Days in the Year*A Countess got mad at a lady for having twins because it meant that she is skank and sleeps around. Since her children had two kids. But then the lady cursed her andwhen Countess gave birth to 365 babies. Then the next day mom and kids died.Woman Who Had No Shadow*Women didn’t want children, witch gave her a spell to make this work. Her husband found out and got angry saying God would never forgive her and only forgive her after flowers blossom on roof. Then they divorced, husband and wife broke up and then wife died. And god forgave her since flowers blossomed on roof.Flourishing Staff*Priest didn’t’ want to forgive man, said only if my staff flourished. It did, the other man stopped Jewish persecutionTestimony of the Dead*People wanted to hurt Jews, so they kidnapped and killed the governor’s son and then blamed the Jews. Governor decided to take revenge, but then a Rabbi did intense praying and brought the son back to life and the son said who killed him. Son died again.Story of the Grateful Dead*Man had son, kept him sheltered, and then the kid helped someone and was blessed.The Golem*Figure made by humanFriday*Lady fell asleep doing her work so she got in trouble and hurt and then apologized and Mother Friday forgave her and let her be.Frau Holle and the Distaff*Two sisters, one hardworking the other not. Hardworking was rewarded with gold silk, other got straw. Frau Holla and the Peasant*FH asked a man to cut wood, he did, she told him to keep the shavings, he only tooka few. When he went home they turned into gold. When he came back, all the shavings were gold.Frau Holle*Two sisters ugly, lazy; industrious, pretty mother favored former. Good one got hurt and then went on an adventure, met Frau Holle who is nice to her then she got gold. Mother wanted other sister to get fortune, so she tried, but instead she got covered in pitch.Prilling and Pralling is Dead*Man was told to saw something. He did and then got a mug.Mally Dixon*Somebody said someone’s sister is dead.The Demon in the Tree*Man wanted to cut down tree because people would stand in it’s shade and destroy his vegetable garden. Demon came by and said he would give 3 gold dinars if man didn’t cut. Many became rich and then lost his sons and slaves. Then he tried to cut tree and was told he would be killed. After that he asked council who said he should just sell everything and then cut down tree. Man did and the devil tried to tempt again, but he denied and then prospered so much with the land he has. Water Demons*Man was told not to get gold at bottom of water by demon. He listened left and thenwent back and heart and lungs floated to surface because demon hurt him.Wod, the Wild Huntsmen*Man beat Huntsmen, and was rewarded. Later reward turned into Gold and Silver.The Night Huntsman at the Udarser Mill*Huntsman was desirbed to be seen by worker. Worker found a leg and then buried it. Two Eyes Too Many*Maid wanted to see how her boss cooked so well and quickly, found out it is the devil. She told everyone and then the devil took her. Witch of Treva*Husband didn’t believe wife was a witch, so she disappeared and then haunted people.Girl Who Transformed Herself Into a Hare*A girl got the power of transformation from her grandmom’s ancient broach. She decides to change to a hare, gets caught, says she won’t do it anymore, and then doesit again so she can visit her fiancé. He hurts her unknowingly and then breaks up with her and she remains lame for the rest of her life.Ridden by a Witch*Guy was hating on witches, witches attack him. Man talks to his stove about it, wife overhears, reports witch and then witch gets burned. Werewolf of Jarnitz*Werewolf can’t get hurt by bullets, and then silver bullets are introduced so he gets scared awayThe Shroud* Bunch of lazy girls were hanging out together, then one of them did a dare to get a shroud from a corpse, then she is haunted. When they have exorcism, the goddess came and took herThe Coffin Lid*Man saw corpse leaving his coffin, corpse came back and man asked what he did. Corpse said he killed two kids, man said he would only give the lid to the coffin back if told how to revive the kids. He learned but then tried to help the kids and he did, but the townspeople felt he did the original murder and got mad at him. He said the truth, they all killed the corpse.The Two Corpses*Man goes into a forest and then two corpses want to eat him, they fight and then they end up dying before either can eat the man. Man thanks God.Dog and the Corpse*Man goes hunting with dog, sees a corpse, lets dog attack and doesn’t help dog.

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Pitt GER 1502 - Giants In Denmark

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