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THE FBI CRIME LABORATORY- FBI crime laboratory is one of the largest and most comprehensive labs1. firearms examination2. tool mark examination3. explosives examination4. metal examination5. handwriting and Document examination6. chemical, biological and nuclear hazard examinationProblems In Crime Labs- lack of training- lack of accreditation- DNA contamination- Backlog of Cases- Sentencing mistakes and poor training Crime Scene Reconstruction- Is based on the result of crime scene examination, laboratory analysis and other independent sources of information to reconstruct case eventsFelonious Assaults ~ inflicting harm or death to another person, with usually a deadly weapon. It can happen to anyone; police officersHomicide ~ killing of a human being by another human being Excusable Homicide ~ difference between justifiable homicide in that one who commits an excusable homicide is at some degree at fault but the degree of fault is not enough to constitute a criminal homicide Justifiable Homicide ~ the necessary killing of another person in the certain eventMurder ~ killing of any human being by another with malice aforethought Manslaughter ~ criminal homicide committed under circumstances not severe enough to constitute murder but cannot be classified as either justifiable or excusable homicideTypes of homicides:1. Criminal Enterprise Homicide ~ entails murder committed for material gain2. Personal-Cause Homicide ~ motivated by a personal cause and esues from interpersonal aggression 3. Sexual Homicide ~ sexual element (activity) is the basis for the sequence of acts leading to death4. Group-Cause Homicide ~ two or more people with a common ideology sanction as act, committed by one or more of the group’s members, that result in death Scene Safety ~ determining scene safety for all investigative personnel is essential to the investigation process The only two people can pronounce death is a Doctor at hospital or a cornier Chain of Custody or Chain of Evidence~ require proof that evidence collected and the evidence submitted to the court are one in the sameThe Chain ~ shows who had contact with the evidence, at what time, and under what circumstances, and what, if any changes were made to the evidence Individual Observations Used to estimate time of deathWhen used together the following individual observation of a body may be used to estimate the time of death- Algor Mortis ~ is the cooling of the body-rate of cooling is influenced by the environmental temp and protection of the body - Rigor Mortis ~ chemical process that begins at time of death and sets in 10-15 hours and becomes relaxed in 36-72 hours/ However there are variables!- Livid Mortis- pooling of blood to lowest point in body position - Stomach contents at time of autopsy Classification of Sex Related Offenses - Serious Sex Offenses  sex offenses of this type; such as rape or sexual battery as it is also called, are high-priority offenses- Nuisance Sex Offenses  included in this classification are such acts as voyeurism & exhibitionism- Sex Offenses Involving Mutual Consent sex offenses of this nature involve consenting adults whose behavior is deemed illegal by various state & local lawsFour types of Rape-Murder classification1. Power assertive Rape is planned Murder is not, power interest 2. Power Reassurance  killer acts our fantasy 3. Anger Retaliatory Rape & murder are planned4. Anger Excitation  Anger driven ex: BTK killerRape or Sexual Battery ~ crime of a person having sexual relations amongst the following circumstances:Against the person’s consent, while the other person is unconscious, while the other person is under the influence of alcohol, with a person who is feeble minded or insane, and with a child who is under the age of consent as fixed by stateRape~ rape is any penetration-however slight of the labia majora; forcible compulsion Interview procedures & investigative questions/ sexual assault cases- Type & sequence of sexual acts during an assault- Verbal activity of rapist- Verbal activity of victim- Sudden change in rapist’s attitude during the attack- Theft during rape- Delayed reporting Why women do not report rape to the police- Lack of belied in the ability of the police to apprehend the suspect- Worries about unsympathetic treatment from the police- Embarrassment about publicity, however limited- Fear of reprisal by the rapist Why do women sometimes make false rape allegations- Prostitutes who have not been paid- Females caught in the act of sexual intercourse by relatives, friends, or police- Shame & guilt about going home with someone other than there significant otherDrug Facilitated Sexual Assaults- Rohypnol (roofies)- GHB (liquid Ecstasy) Autoerotic Death- Sexual asphyxia- In autoerotic death cases the investigator will typically find:1. white male partially suspended2. dressed in women’s clothing or undergarments3. or with his penis exposed Rape, Kidnapping, Burglary: April 13, 2005Eddie Arthur Poindexter black male 25 years of age who breaks into the home of a 26 year old white female & violently rapes her. Kidnaps her and attempts to robe her. Steals her vehicle, which he eventually abandons and is apprehended a short time later at his sister home in FayCrimes against Children- most common cause of children’s death is physical abuse, often by there own parents- the clinical term commonly used to describe physically abused children is  battered-child syndrome- most common weapons are the belt & electric cord classifications of burns: partial thickness  1st-2nd degree burn Full thickness  3rd-4th Scald time of water: 155 F just for one second (till injury)Burns: if an investigator sees burns such as these, they should:- become highly suspicious- look for other signs of abuse- question the parents/guardians Types of Child Molesters: Situational & Preferential 1. child’s developmental level relative to other children in his or her age group (bad grades, bad social skills)2. child’s development level with regard to sexuality (drawing pics)3. child’s ability to respond adequately to interviews & to testify in courtChild Pornography: Commercial Child porno, homemade child porno, use of the computer & the internet in child porno Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) - sudden & unexpected death of an apparently healthy infant that remains unexplained after a complete autopsy is performed - no smoking in the house, baby sleep on their back, cooler

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