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Jour 2000April 3, 2014 Dr. Broyles“A little bitty bit of marketing” There are a lot of things that go into marketing. Packaged Goods- Packaged Goods are goods that are packaged - Cereal, Candy, Coca-Cola, Kraft foodDurable Goods- Durable goods are creatively named… they are goods that are durable- Washer and Dryer, Stove, Refrigerator, Furniture, car, comforter on your bed (soft durable) Services- Things that we do for people - Netflix, Restaurants, airplanes Ideas- Don’t mess with Texas. This is marketed towards Texas. B2B- Business to Businesso “House of Pies” –They have “pie ovens” and someone has to sell them to pie places. This is business to business because a company has to make a specific type of oven to sell to this specific businesso Pharmaceutical companies selling to Doctors The 4P’s + 1P- Producto There are a lot of products that we can advertise. All the “goods” described above are products that can be advertised. You have to give your product a benefit. If a product doesn’t have a benefit then you will never sell anything. o Products can have “brand equity”, and that is how important a brand is to you.  don’t have reduced fat I will not buy peanut butter that day, and will wait until I can find it.  Example- Coke vs. Pepsi - Priceo Margin=selling price-cost of goodo Cheapest isn’t always what you buy Ex- iPhone- It’s not the cheapest, but people still want it. o Sometimes a high price will actually bring more people in Syphony that is higher priced will get more people, and people tend to enjoy it better- Placeo Companies will pay for spots on the shelves so that people will see them Cereal is placed lower so that kids will see them - Promotiono This is what we doo Trade shows, sales promotions, All together we call this MARCOM- Marketing communications IMC- Integrated marketing communications - Fifth P…. Peopleo Generally this is the consumero Starbucks- Barista’s are good ambassadors to the brand… the are basically coffee magicians. Starbucks gives benefits to part-time workers and tuition waivers, which means they really know who is working for them (primarily young people who need money) Putting the P’s TogetherWhen you put all of these things together you get what’s called a “marketing mix” (Strategy).Marketing Department Market ResearchThey are in charge of figuring out the consumer’sattitude, how the brand is used, who is using them, etc.Sales Promotion SpecialistBrand AssistantWorks closely with the brandmanager Brand Manager In charge of managing brands. Theirrespsonsibility involves a lot of the “4 P’s” Category ManagerTends to be someone older (probablythirties) and is charge of nurturing andgrowing the brand Advertising DirectorIn charge of advertising for the brand.The bigger the company the moreimportant the job Director of Marketing aka CMOThe Marketing Process- Planning - Implementation - Evaluation - “It’s as easy as

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