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A Sport and the Sociological Imagination The Importance of Critical and Theoretical Thinking o Theory an interpretation that lead to explanation of some social phenomenon and gives order and insight to what is or can be observed Theory decides what can be observed o Critical thinking engaging course theories and concepts Using a Social and Cultural Theory Lens o Society the social world and sport Observing interpreting understanding and experiencing Words Theories Concepts and Interpretation Sport Physical Culture as an Affective Domain o How watching an event gets you emotionally involved into the game Ex Olympics when British runner took off in front of everyone and the announcer and the crowd got excited Competing Definitions of Sport o Has no essential pre given definition o What one confronts when reading the sports pages of major newspapers o Set of specific competitive physical activities based on elements of play games and contests o A structured goal oriented competitive contest based ludic physical activity A Structured Goal Oriented Competitive and Ludic o Structured rules and codes of conduct spatial and temporal constraints highly bureaucratized o Goal oriented commonly defined objectives allowing identification of winners losers o Competitive contest based either between competitors or clocks Intermediate activities involving excitement by uncertain outcomes o Ludic involving elements of freedom of expression and playful creativity Sport as and Physical Culture o Involving the use of the body in an instrumental and vigorous fashion o The active body the body in movement The Ontological Diversity of Physical Culture o There area diverse ways of being physical o There are different ways of playing basketball NBA at the park and high school xbox The Active Body as Instrument and Object o Active body is the internal instrument participation and the external object spectating of physical culture The Range of Sporting InvolvementSport Physical Culture as a Contested Terrain o As society changes sport culture is in a state of flux its constantly changing by the nature of societal existence o Dominant cultural practices struggle for their position of ascendancy against residual and or emergent practices o Sport is a contested terrain Gramsci s notion Dominant sporting practices Residual sporting practices And emergent sporting practices Dominant Residual and Emergent Sport Practices o Dominant football soccer basketball baseball hockey o Residual cock fighting o Emergent extreme ironing cricket The Relationality of Sport Physical Culture o Sport is relational certain things reflect upon a specific moment or year they happened Competing Understandings of the Sport Society Relation o Relation to economy technology culture politics Sporting Fetishization Interconnected to sports o Treating sport as if it is separated from the forces and relations which shape its very constitution o Not questioning why our sporting lives are as they are but taking them for granted The Sport Society Dialectic o Sport is constructed through different forms of society based on physical ability As societies change the sports within societies change Ex army flying over football games during 9 11 The Jigsaw Analogy sense o When put into relation to other pieces of society it makes Monday night football games and the opening song The Sporting Sociological Imagination associated with them o Everything created is a product and producer of society o Everything is connected in same way o Sport isn t a reflection of society wholly Sport Mapping Interrelationships and Interconnections o Sport is interconnected with politics culture economy and technology Olympics super bowl gladiatorial contest Super Bowl beer half time show commentary NFL Understanding Sport Understanding Society B Sport and the Neoliberal Political Order Sportization of Politics or the Politicization of Sport o Sportization of politics sportization is used in politics to make candidates seem more real and appealing Ex Obama playing basketball at UNC Public relations advertising he s an everyday guy showing the public he s one of us by playing a sport we love o Politicization of sport Ex Olympics in Russia Macro and micro politics o Macro the practice of governing lives on a societal level constitutional democracy absolute monarchy o Micro the practice of governing lives on a personal level office team politics Macro Politics as a system of societal governance and Political Formations Systems and Ideology o Political system has a type structure of governance control and rule o Political ideology values ideas and beliefs related to the political system Chinese State Capitalism and the Beijing Games o Chinese government controls all aspects of society but have allowed a degree of economic reform leading to increased levels of private ownership o There were two kinds of China during the Olympics Authoritarian and coercive o Political power was manipulated Powers were coerced Suppressing rebellion Controlled information restricted access o Olympic games propaganda Confirmed China s status as the 21st century superpower Spectacular monumental staging of the games Athletic success o Hegemony is seen in the Beijing 2008 olympic games when the public opinion sentiment was manipulated in order to create support for the system of government Coercive and Consensus Politics Hegemony and the Winning of Popular Consent to Authority Leadership o Politics and power are linked to ideology o Hegemonic something that is unquestioned taken for granted When majority of people don t question it They view it as being the natural and normal way things should be Ex gender assumptions of how you act and what you were depending on whether you re male female Political Formations Systems Ideology and Hegemony o Hegemony process of shaping public opinion in order for the people to actively consent to the existing political order Ideological and Repressive State Apparatus and Sport o Althusser o Repressive state apparatus RSA The political order is upheld and reinforced through physical force hard power Army police law prison o Ideological state apparatus ISA Institutions which express and reinforce the ideology of the political order soft power Politics mass media religion sport Soft and Hard Power The Hunger Games and Totalitarian Authoritarian Dictatorship of society o Totalitarian Authoritarian Controlling of every aspect o Hunger Games control of capitol over

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UMD KNES 287 - Sport and the Sociological Imagination

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