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Supplements- Categories:o Nutrients = vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats, sugarso Botanicals = herbals, plants, plant extractso Other dietary substances = non-botanical derived from fish or animals(amino acids, hormones, metabolites)o Combination products- Why Americans take supplementso Make up for perceived dietary shortfallo Ward off disease, believe its therapeutico Less expensive than going to the doctor or buying pharmaceutical drugso Mostly self-initiated, not practitioner based- Herbal supplements o Type of dietary supplement that contains herbs, either one or in mixtureso Botanical is another word used for herb- Herb myths and realityo Used instead or with a prescription – problem?o Ingredients can have effects similar to some medicationso Herb as a plant is not the same as a capsule or tableto Amount f active ingredient may varyo No requirement to list the active ingredientso List some ingredients but not all that may be potentially dangerous- Supplement regulationso FDA tried to regulate using the standard that is used for food and drugso FDA wanted safety and proof that the worked, reasonable o Industry objected, congress eventually passed a law that told the FDA to treat supplements as pure food rather than drugs or additives- DSHEA – Dietary supplement health education act 1994o Dietary supplement definitiono Establish regulatory framework Food and drug administration (FDA) Established ODS at NIH As foods not drugso Established labeling rules- Dietary supplement regulationso Manufacturers are supposed to have evidence are supposed to have evidence that their products are safe and the information on the labelsis true and not misleadingo Do not have to provide FDA evidence of efficacy or safety before marketingo Once on the market, FDA must prove that a product is unsafe in order to restrict or remove it- Food additives vs. Dietary supplementso Food additives- pre-market approval required, products with unapproved additives can be seizedo Dietary supplements- no pre-market approval required, includes substances not legal in foods, harm must be demonstrated before seizing

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OSU FDSCTE 2200 - Supplements

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