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Methodology AMST TERMS DEFINITIONS motivating research questions what motivated the author methods to address those questions o textual analysis depth o archival analysis reconstructing culture broadly o ethnography writing about people o material culture analysis objects o GIS mapping technology maps space and place o Demographic analysis population stats The creation of motivating research questions and the methods used to address those questions Mainstream Less of a consensus more of a balance of opposing views What s considered the majority thought No single perspective Appears to be a majority through use of power Margins Ideology What who falls away in creation of the mainstream Multiple levels Abnormal deviant oppositional minority silenced subordinated o Self interpersonal hegemonic cultural institutional structural structured representation that puts us in a relationship with power o structured o representation no individual meaning ideology takes shape through majority thought meaning is mediated not transparent power control over meaning lives the ideas meanings and understandings that are associated with material dimensions How we align ourselves with power Ex selling marginaily Davila Asian americans and Hispanics practice cultural values that separate them from US society religious or political believfs Materialism Material vs Ideological o Material dimensions of culture tangible objects spaces and things o Ideology dimensions of culture intangible ideas meanings and understandings Base Superstructure Base conditions of material existence o The materiality of any society Superstructure group culture o Collective beliefs and values that we have Both holds the other in place Both make up a given society Hegemony The dominate group leads the subordinate group by force o Force often takes the form of discipline The subordinate group consents to the dominate group o Consent often takes the form of ideology Ex Teachers dominant and Students subordinate The ideology of being a student means you obey the teacher Discourse A discourse vs THE discourse o A discourse a single unified cluster of truth Ex sex sells in advertising o THE discourse the social relationships that support certain ideas as knowledge o Establishment of certain knowledges as truth with authority they have material effects Discursive Formation Wedding Example o A wedding should be white maid of honor flowers cake rings religious o This Is what a wedding is it s the truth according to society o The discourse of marriage is all of this stuff put together o Even if it s not what you believe in it s still true Suburbs Ex The suburban Reader Low o Gated community income keeps people out no near by public transporation Agency Resistance the ability to make choices within these constrained conditions of hegemony and discourse The freedom to choose an ideology The active contestation of hegemonic and discursive power Positive Technologies of Power The inclusion observation and formation of knowledge through many different institutions Ex the plague because authority figures collected extensive data about the diseased people and kept records and sent them to hospitals to keep tabs on everyone The way power works through inclusion Has a lot to do with policing boundaries and disciplining subjects Negative Technologies of Power Negative taking away of Marginalization the exclusion and casting out of people The way power works through exclusion Norm a reference to what is considered normal Normalization Normative project norms form the basis for founding and legitimizing an exercise of power creation of norms sum total of all these norms and inclusive power including things and regulating them positive technologies of power Subjectivity subjects of and subjected to a cultural order o subjects of included o subjected to relationship to power Class Normative project level one s value within capitalist hierarchies one s relation to capital both financial and culture cultural capital invisible cultural operations that make on seem classy Race NP one s proximity to privileged and premature death The classification of bodies based on phenotype Gender NP the distribution of labor and agency Cultural classification based on bodies and genitals Sexuality The real and imagined acts of desire and pleasure and reproduction NP social organization of the normative project o Nuclear family marriage Disability NP the assumptions of the rights and expectations of bodies the classification of one s body and mind based on prevailing discursive formations Nation NP the regulation of lives according to the nation state The legal and cultural process of belonging Branding marking a product with a consistent logo everywhere brand tribes you re strictly loyal to a certain brand Public Sphere the places where strangers can interact as equals apart from the market and the state difficult to find because the market is now everywhere Ex park school library internet are all places where strangers can interact freely but it is still highly regulated and there are rules one s place of intimacy and ownership Private Sphere Intersectionality the co construction of multiple dimensions of identity and difference intersection of race gender class and sexuality people are complicated and have different investments Ex Combahee River Collective black gay feminist statement Politics of Worthiness the assumption that people are only entitled to visibility rights or services from society after they have proved their marketability and social worth Human Geography Place physical environments and their tangible features o Ex square footage coordinates Space ideas associations and attachments placed on and created by environments o Ex class room small lecture room UMD Higher income residents displace lower income residents in ways that change the space Capital investment and urban processes of value Classed subjects and their spending power The decentralization of process of capital No technical definition of the suburbs Suburbanization is tied to American exceptionalism American exceptionalism the durable discourse of America as the chosen land that does not abide by the same rules as other countries Suburbs represent the American Dream the good life Relationship between money material resources and power material dimensions of culture The relationship between meaning making and power ideological dimensions of power Vertical Hierarchy of Culture cultural

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