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ESCI 100: SEVERE & HAZARDOUS WEATHERCentral Connecticut State University: Spring2014General Information Instructor: Mr. Troy Schinkel E-mail: [email protected] Office Hours: by appointment (The best time for me to meet is before or after class)Textbook Information: Title: Severe and Hazardous Weather: An Introduction to High Impact Meteorology; 4th editionAuthors: Rauber, Walsh, and Charlevoix; Publisher: Kendall HuntTextbook Resources: http://webcom8.grtxle.com/severeweatherCourse Description The Severe and Hazardous Weather course covers basic meteorological concepts and focuses on the development ofsevere and hazardous weather such as but not limited to: lightning, tornadoes, snowstorms, and hurricanes. Course Calendar* *Please note that this course calendar is subject to change. Students will be notified in class of any changes.Week 1: Jan. 16th Chapter 1: Properties of Atmosphere Week 2: Jan. 23rd Chapter 2: Meteorological Measurements Week 3: Jan. 30th Chapter 3: Weather MapsWeek 4: Feb. 6th Chapter 4: Forecasting and Simulating Severe WeatherWeek 5: Feb. 13th Exam one: Chapters 1-4Week 6: Feb. 20th Chapter 8: The Development of High- and Low-Pressure SystemsWeek 7: Feb. 27th Chapter 9: Air masses and FrontsWeek 8: Mar. 6th Chapter 11: Extratropical Cyclones (East and Gulf Coast)Week 9: Mar. 13th Chapter 12: Freezing Precipitation and Ice Storms Week 10: Mar. 20th No classes: Spring Break Week 11: Mar. 27th Chapter 13: Lake-Effect Snowstorms Week 12: Apr. 3rd Exam two: Chapters 8-9, & 11-13Week 13: Apr. 10th Chapter 14: Cold WavesWeek 14: Apr. 17th Chapter 15: Great Plain BlizzardWeek 15: Apr. 24nd Chapter 18: ThunderstormsWeek 16: May 1st Chapter 19: TornadoesFinal Exam: May 8th Final Exam: Chapters 14-15, 18-19Note: I do tend to send course information via email. If you don’t use your CCSU email account it would be best to have your mail forwarded to an account that you use frequently.Assignments and Grading There will be three exams as noted above. The chapters for each exam may change depending on the pace of the course. The exams will be primarily multiple choice. There will be an assignment each week and the assignments will be due at the next class period. A late assignment will lose 10% of its value and after one week the assignment will not be accepted. There will be short chapter quizzes (~10 multiple choice questions) and will be given during the next class after the completion of each chapter. There are NO makeups for quizzes. Your lowest quiz will bedropped. The course will have a total point system. Each assignment will be worth a certain number of points (Quizzes:10, Exams:~75, and Activities:10-15). Your grade is calculated by adding up the points you earned and dividing it by the number of point you could have earned. Academic Misconduct It is the policy of CCSU to not tolerate any acts of Academic Misconduct. Cheating (including plagiarism) will result in a grade of ‘0’ for that exam or assignment and filing of a University Academic Misconduct Report. Make sure you read the University policy: (http://www.ccsu.edu/page.cfm?p=2468#Misconduct).Disability StatementPlease contact me privately to discuss your specific needs if you believe you need course accommodations based on the impact of a disability, medical condition, or if you have emergency medical information to share. I will need a copy of the accommodation letter from Student Disability Services in order to arrange your class accommodations. Contact Student Disability Services, Willard Hall, 101-04 if you are not already registered with them. Student Disability Services maintains the confidential documentation of your disability and assists you in coordinating reasonable accommodations with your

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