HOFSTRA HUHC 013 - Modern Day: Golden Dawn

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10/10/13 Humanities: Professor Rich - Plato1. Modern Day: Golden Dawna. Fascist political party-criminial organizationb. Holds 5% of Greek congress seatsc. Views foreigners as subhumand. Denies Holocauste. Declares war on non-Greek commercial interestsi. Represents everything Plato sought to acoid2. Socrates:a. a character in the dialogueb. uglyc. waddled like a duckd. eyes rolled, set far aparte. snub nose3. Plato: sexy4. Rhetoric: the art of persuasiona. Persuasiveness depends on context, audience, and purpose5. War, Tyranny, and Democracy, repeata. Plato's lifetime included: Peloponnesian War, Athenian Plague, Sicilian Expedition, coup by "The Four Hundred", oligarchy, Sparta defeats Athens, imposes dictatorship by The Thirty, Civil war, Socrates put to death6. Death of Socrates:a. Plato wrote Republic after Socrates' deathb. Viewed Socrates' death as gross abuse of power, based on misunderstanding of Socrates' role and Athenian contributionc. Saw execution of height of intolerance and misguidednessd. "Chief disease"e. Could only be cured by philosopher-king7. Audience:a. Atheniansb. Plato's goal was not only to introduce the audience to the inportance of philosopher-king but also reform role of philosopherc. Aware of the argument that philosophers were pointless8. Purpose:a. Republic was to create the model of a city-state that would have good chance of stabilityb. One grounded in democracy ofldsjff9. Philosopher-king:a. only philosopher have correct nature for democracyi. Philosophers are able to grasp what is always the same in all respects, while those who cannot, wander among the many things that vary in every sort of way, and aren't philosophers10. Four Stages of Knowledge:a. Philosopher must reach highest state of knowledge "what the nature of eachthing is"i. also highest state of the good, (or a medium to the good)11. The DIVIDED LINEa. "Represent the visible and the invisible by an unequal division"12. The line is easily fooled and can mistake shadow or reflection as the objectThe second section: the intelligiblea. The highter form than visible, first subsection is reasoning ability to generate an abstract such as “right angle will ALWAYS be a right angle no matter its position”13. The Epiphanic Momenta. What good isb. The final ascent is characterized as a kind of mystic communioni. If one didn’t have apprehension of the patterns or math that underlie material world one can’t understand morals and philosophical abstractions14. Allegory of the Cavea. illustration of allegory of the divided lineb. Plato argues for the necessity of education for the philosopher-king and subjectsi. Youtube: The Cave: An Adaptation of Plato’s Allegory in Clayii. Also The Matrix15. Prisonhouse of the Sensesa. Biggest enemy of journey to wisdom is our own senses and our perceptions, which we must escape to see the truthi. Prisoner can see shadows, then images of men and other things in water,then the things themselves, then eventually finally the sun1. Tangible-abstractii. Travelling through these states of knowledge is what makes the philosopher an actual philosopher then an actual king1. When the prisoner comes back to the cave, if he had to identify shadows among them, knowing what they really were, they would assume he was wrong, he would fail, and if they were free and he tried to lead them upwards, they would kill hima. Alluding to trial and death of Socrates16. Is Leadership a punishment?a. Yes--a philosopher king doesn’t want to rulei. They have to, because it is their duty to their city17. King concentrates on the physical worlda. Philosopher concentrates on metaphysical worldi. Philosopher must straddle the line between and maintain awareness of both18. Take Away:a. Healthy mind necessarily for healthy city, no republic w/o enlightened leadershipb. Healthy mind possessed by one who has turned away from the dark toward the

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HOFSTRA HUHC 013 - Modern Day: Golden Dawn

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