UCF SPC 1608 - Chapter 5: "Audience Focused Speaking"

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Chapter 5: "Audience Focused Speaking"Aristotle's Rhetoric: ▪Ethos- the credibility of the speaker (credibility) ▪Pathos- putting the audience into a certain state of mind (emotion) ▪Logos- the proof or apparent proof provided by the words of the speech (logic)Attitudes, Values, and Beliefs: ▪Attitudes- are you for or against ... ▪Values- a person may value ... therefore it's wrong to ... ▪Beliefs- I believe it's wrong to ...Cultural Variables (Hofstede's Dimensions): ▪Power distance (small to large) - example: the US has a small power distance because there isn't really one person in charge of everyone due to checks and balances and citizens have the right to vote - example: a large power distance would be somewhere where there is a dictator who is in charge and the citizens don't have as much freedom of expression ▪Collectivism vs. Individualism - example: this class is individualistic because we are all here separate for separate reasons ▪Femininity vs. Masculinity - how social roles interact; are they distinct or do they overlap ▪Uncertainty avoidance (weak to strong) ▪Long-term vs. Short-term - example: goals short-term: wanting to graduate long-term: wanting your kids and grand kids to graduate with even better grades than you didLevels of Diversity: ▪Cultural ▪Demographic ▪IndividualEthnocentrism- the belief that your own group or culture is superior to other groupsor cultures The 5 W's and an H of analyzing an audience: ▪Who's your audience?▪What norms do they have? ▪Where are they coming from? ▪When are you speaking? ▪Why you? ▪How much time do you have?Developing common ground:Common ground- awareness that the speaker and audience share the same or similar information, feelings, and experiences ▪use personal pronouns ▪ask rhetorical questions ▪share common experiences ▪personalize informationCreating and Maintaining Audience Interest: ▪Timeliness ▪Proximity ▪Seriousness Building a Positive Attitude toward you as the Speaker: ▪Knowledge and Expertise ▪Trustworthiness

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UCF SPC 1608 - Chapter 5: "Audience Focused Speaking"

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