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Campaign Tries to Help Defuse Bullying Non profit public service advocacy Do not just be the bystander Agency Advertising Council with their media partners Target young teens and their parents Trend increase in suicide rates from bullying extends from school to online bullying anonymity Parents are not aware or focus on bullying but instead on sex drugs and alcohol Industries roots with lessons on branding Retired CEO of famous ad agency teaches branding Collision between branding and marketing and technology focus software programming and coding vision to tangible idea o People coming from the technical doorway must need to learn the creative fundamentals Deep in the Heart of the Ballgame Baseball ad campaign new league slogan teams uniforms logo management Intertwined with music o Excite and make emotional connection with audience o Does not overpromise Root Root Root Not just baseball but it s pride and fate Wants to have fun no egotistic Consumer insight Texan nationalism pride History of being bad they want to rebranding repositioning o Copy it s a whole new ballgame Acknowledge their bad run Pun and recycle old slogan Coke Revamps Website From corporate website to online magazine Insider magazine called Journey internal communication to keep people inspired o Changing their identity from corporate to becoming a publisher story teller trend we don t advertise we tell stories Branded entertainment a company in the name of the brand is offering services o Content promoting the brand o Subjective columns and open to counter arguments trend transparency Oprah Winfrey at a Crossroads Oprah is a brand o Mother of all mothers o Wise and older woman inspiring story to broader audience Got lower readership from magazine after TV show ended 2 years ago o Top of mind on a regular basis on TV magazine was a supplement o Average reader age 49 o Primary research on younger audiences who brought their mothers Other media vehicles Atlantic City November 28th o Facebook Twitter OWN Network Huffington Post Lincoln Ford Automobiles CASE STUDY Garelick Farms Case Study Primary product milk and creamers Problem Garelick was looking to compete with the major brands Hood branded product o Needed to position themselves in a commodity category Milk had low growth Private labels were popular Low interest low involvement product consumer inertia loyalty do not change a lot because it s habitual Finding the solution o First look at the category o Three major players Hood seen as the higher end brand Garelick in the middle Private labels less perceived quality but the low price was attractive o Next the agency collected all the competitors advertising A lot from Hood very preachy and educational Product focused No GREAT advertising o Primary research Talked to loyal users what they like about it Talked to non users what they don t know about it and why they use competitors Talked to dairy managers observations from consumers What was learned o Strengths and weaknesses of competition Hood Strength traditional had a history greater quality worth the premium price Weakness too corporate rip off preachy talked down to their audience Private Labels Garelick Strength low cost milk is all the same have a lot of volume trusted the store Weakness Lower quality perception not good enough for my family Strength farms in name and commitment to local farmers wholesome family oriented kid friendly fun Weakness questioned their quality didn t know about their flavored milk THE CREATIVE SIDE Creative Brief creative platform worksheet or blueprint provides direction for the execution of the Big Idea and for the evaluation of the creative strategy Science and art right media delivers the right message to the right target audience Media and message need to work together to create effective communication A winning marketing communication must be both creative and strategic Creative strategy or message strategy is what the advertisement says execution is how it is said Advertising Plan involves a structured logical approach to analysis which may leave out the intuitive emotional message effect Key points in a typical brief Problem that can be solved by communication Target Audience and key insights into their attitudes and behavior Brand Position and other branding decisions such as personality and image Communication Objectives specify the desired response to the message by the target audience Proposition or selling idea motivate the target to respond Media Considerations where and when the message should be delivered Creative Direction provides suggestions on how to stimulate the desired consumer response e g ad s tone of voice Thinking behind the campaign Why are we advertising at all What is the message trying to do What are their current attitudes and perceptions What is the main promise we need to communicate What is the key moment to which we tie this message What tone of voice should we use Key Players Creative director manages the creative processes and plays an important role in focusing the strategy of ads and making sure the creative concept is strategically on target Agency environment Natural incubators of the 3 P s Place environment research focuses on areas of the agency setting that impact on creativity playful offices to stimulate their creative team s ideas Person Individual research provides insight into what makes individuals creative personality and motivation also known as the passion to create occupy key roles in stimulating individual creativity Process Output research on the creative product the actual campaign includes such dimensions such as originality appropriateness and artistry Message Objectives create awareness announce something inform persuade or create sales Facets Model of Effects See hear Feel Think understand Connect Believe Act Do Targeting target decision is particularly important in planning message strategy Branding and positioning the demands of a brand are also important considerations Brand positions and brand images are created through message strategies and brought to life through advertising execution Brand communication creates symbols and cues that make brands distinctive such as characters colors slogans and taglines as well as brand personality cues Brand salience brand is visible and has a presence in the marketplace consumers are aware of it and the brand is important to its target market Trust we buy familiar brands because we ve used them before and we trust them

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BU COM CM 317 - Campaign Tries to Help Defuse Bullying

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