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History Lecture 10 22 2013 The Rise of the Cotton Kingdom Key Terms Domestic Slave Trade Missouri Compromise Abdul Rahman Extra credit opportunity James McBride Good Lord Bird Tour Thursday 6 pm Allen Theatre Write a paragraph summarizing the talk and connecting it to course themes content Earn 10 points to add to your lowest book quiz grade What led to the rise of the cotton kingdom By 1803 cotton was the US s most important export They were supply 75 of the world s cotton Factors leading to the rise o Eli Whitney s cotton gin o The Louisiana Purchase o Rapid territorial expansion after the War of 1812 o Domestic Slave Trade Domestic Slave trade 1808 congress declares that slaves can no longer be imported from abroad The only legal way to buy and sell a slave was domestically o Slaves only born in the United States Between 1820 and 1860 2 million slaves were sold Around 1 3 of slave families were disrupted by sale 1800 1860 1 million slaves moved into the deep South Era of Good Feelings The name used to describe Monroe s term in office 1817 1825 Masks over the rising sectional tension of the North and South over slavery Missouri Compromise Life in the Slave South Abdul Rahman 1820 Compromise made by congress to keep balance between free and slave states Missouri would be admitted as a slave state and Maine as a free state Slavery was prohibited in the remaining territory north of Missouri s southern boundary Significant because this illustrates the debate over slavery is heating up Of the 1 5 million slaves living in the South in 1820 about lived on plantations and worked in fields primarily cotton o Over of slaves belonged to masters who owned 20 or more slaves o About belonged to masters who owned more than 50 African prince captured and sold into slavery in 1788 in the American South Lands in Natchez MS He refused to clear Foster s fields and tried escaping after being whipped After weeks of being on the run he returns to Foster Foster does not punish him Rahman marries fellow slave Isabella 20 years later Foster allows him to earn money for himself by growing and selling vegetables

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