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LA Midterm Test/Answers1. During the implantation process, barriers are put around trees in order to:a) Protect trees from damageb) Protect soil around the trees from compactionc) Keep construction equipment off of the soil around the treesd) All of the abovee) None of the above2. The landscape architect has to put into consideration that on most sites:a) There are existing natural and manmade featuresb) Some things have to be removed during the implantation periodc) Some things have to be protected and savedd) All of the abovee) None of the above3. In his design for the art gallery in Washington D.C., I.M. Peia) Expressed the essence of the composition in the use of the triangleb) Repeated the design of the existing art gallery on the opposite side of the plazac) Both A and B4. Surveying is necessary for the location of horizontal placement of elements in the landscape rather than the vertical placementa) FALSE5. For the implementation process the landscape architect has to consider the space required for construction equipment and formwork as well as the dimensions of the actual part of the landscape that is to be constructeda) TRUE6. A landscape architect studies plants to emphasizea) Line, form, texture, and colorb) Primarily to understand their growing requirementsc) Both A and B7. When thinking of plants in terms of space, the concepts that might be considered includea) Opening and closing of spaceb) Concealing and revealingc) The enclosure and shaping of spaced) All the above8. Art can be defined asa) An idea given form by the mind of manb) Wild nature that gives inspiration to landscape architectsc) A magnificently beautiful wild landscaped) A and Be) B and C9. Wild nature can be a source of inspiration to landscape architects: it too is arta) FALSE10. Landscape architecture is a craft that emphasizes functional issues and skills rather than arta) FALSE11. GIS maps were used in the design process for the resort Island of Bimini to:a. Compare the relaxed atmosphere of Bimini to its neighbor Nassaub. Determine where the buildable lands werec. Locate the Florida Keys in relation to the Bahamasd. Study the existing architectural styles12. In constructing the Island resort of Bimini in the Bahamas, the sand dunes on the beach were:a. Removed in order to make more recreational spaceb. Cleared of their vegetation in order to ride dune buggiesc. Carefully preservedd. Paved for skateboardinge. None of the above13. The planning of the Island resort of Bimini in the Bahamas:a. Emphasized a Polynesian theme for this tropical Island landscapeb. Called for exotic plants to be imported from South Florida and Jamaicac. Emphasized the natural characteristics of the narrow island ridge that brought visitors into close contact with the waterd. Included the creation of wide expenses of new land by dredging the mangrove14. In order to provide for spectacular views over the blue waters of the Bimini coastline, beach houses were planned for the areas on the ocean side of the sand dunesa) FALSE15. Which of the following is a component of geography:a) Physicalb) Culturalc) Economicd) Descriptive e) All the above16. Changes in the landscape can be:a) Catastrophicb) Gradualc) Day by dayd) All the abovee) None of the above17. Climate plays a strong part in shaping the landscape. Forests indicate areas of high rainfall and grasslands indicate low rainfalla) FALSE18. Soil is created by interaction between geology and climatea) TRUE19. The earth’s thin layer of soil makes:a) Base geology possibleb) Makes vegetation possiblec) It possible for animals to feed on vegetationd) Food for carnivores in the food chaine) B,C,D20. An example of a catastrophic change in the landscape is glaciationsa) FALSE21. Vaux Le Vicomte was:a) Designed by Andre Le Notreb) Designed by Le Brunc) Designed by Le Vaud) All of the above22. During the 1700s English designers of the landscape were influenced bya) Landscape paintingb) Scenes of pastoral landscapesc) Literary discussion of landscape principles and ideasd) The economics of maintenancee) All the above23. The Greeks organized buildings:a) In a very formal and symmetrical mannerb) In haphazard fashionc) In freely suring spaced) Not formally or rectangularly, but with free grouping, suggested by the sitee) None of the above24. The middle ages are characterized by designs featuring:a) Strong indoor/outdoor relationshipsb) The four rivers paradisec) Inward introspective planningd) Floral parterrese) All the above25. The major garden spaces of Versailles are shaped by:a) Garden wallsb) Earthen embankmentsc) Boxwood hedgesd) Buildings and treese) None of the above26. The ecological factors that influenced Islamic Gardens was:a) Aridityb) Heatc) Oasis- high contrast to the surrounding desertsd) All the above27. France during the 1600s started building gardens:a) That were completely different from Italian Renaissance gardensb) That were inspired by Italian renaissance gardensc) That were exact copies of Italian Renaissance gardensd) That made use of water in the same manner as Italian Renaissance gardens28. In Italian Renaissance gardens:a) Colorful flowers predominatedb) Green laws predominatedc) Plants were mainly variations in greend) All the above29. Typical characteristics of Medieval designs:a) Long vistas b) Spectacular fountainsc) Walled cloisterd) All of the above30. Later in his career, Repton proposeda) A more symmetrical proportioningb) A rational and scientific approach to designc) A more picturesque approach to designd) All the abovee) **worded different…answer with Repton at bottom31. Nature in Japanese gardens:a) Is stylizedb) Miniaturizedc) Is often “borrowed”, scenery from outside the garden boundariesd) All the above32. The Italian Villa is characterized by:a) Terraced gardens with flowing water between the levelsb) Outward expanding viewsc) Outdoor spaces organized along sight linesd) All of the above33. The plan for a landscape developmenta) Describes what is on the site that has to be kept, demolished or builtb) Describes what is under the surface of the sitec) Established vertical locations and horizontal locations for all elementsd) All the above34. The spatial perception of land forms is affected by:a) Floor areab) Slopec) Silhouette of upper edged) All the above35. Landforms can:a) Enclose spaceb) Hide viewsc) Be used for displayd) Be used to surprise us and create intereste) All the above36. The main products of Professional landscape

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