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CHAPTER 10 PROBATION cid 127 Community Corrections the community under conditional supervision cid 127 Probation cid 127 The use of a variety of officially ordered program based sanctions that permit convicted offenders to remain in cid 127 A sentence of imprisonment that is suspended cid 127 Today probation is the most common form of criminal sentencing in the United States cid 127 Sometimes it does not even include jail time cid 127 Most frequently used cid 127 Courts make money off it pay for probation in 2010 2 3 million people completed probation cid 127 From 1980 to 2011 there has been a 400 increase on probation jails are too crowded and people are more likely to get probation in felinely court 30 do probation without jail time cid 127 57 of misdemeanors cid 127 1 5 change for violent offenders to receive probation cid 127 3 homicide offenders on probation cid 127 13 robbers cid 127 25 assault cid 127 Most in Texas Least is in North Dakota cid 127 75 complete probation cid 127 Probation Conditions cid 127 General Conditions cid 127 Special Condition cid 127 Applies to all probationers in a given jurisdiction cid 127 May be mandated by the judge who feels that the probations is in the need of particular guidance or control cid 127 For specific groups like sex offenders violent offenders etc cid 127 Federal Probation System cid 127 Known as the United States Probation and Pretrial Services System around 80 years old cid 127 A vigorous campaign by the National Probation Association Congress passed the Nation Probation Act in 1925 this authorized probation in federal courts cid 127 Federal probation and pretrial services officers are federal law enforcement officers cid 127 authority to arrest or detain individuals of violations of the conditions of their probation cid 127 amount of offenders on federal probation increases yearly cid 127 Parole cid 127 The status of convicted offender who has been conditionally released from prison by a paroling authority before the expiration of his or her sentence cid 127 Correction strategy cid 127 difference between parole and probation is offenders on parole were in prison cid 127 Prisoner reentry cid 127 The managed return to the community of individuals released from prison cid 127 Two major models of parole decision making cid 127 Parole Board cid 127 State paroling authority that grants parole based on the board members judgment and assessment cid 127 Mandatory release the release of an inmate from prison that is determined by statue or sentencing cid 127 Statutory Decrees guidelines cid 127 Discretionary release cid 127 The release of an inmate from prison to supervision that is decided by a parole board or other authority cid 127 15 states have made it to where there is no parole board cid 127 decreasing cid 127 Medical parole cid 127 Early release option under which an inmate is deemed low risk due to a serious physical and mental health condition under normal circumstances increasing cid 127 mental condition offenders are rising cid 127 25 of offenders don t complete parol and go back to prison cid 127 Conditions of Parole the general and specific limits imposed on an offender who is released on parole Very similar to probation cid 127 Having a job decreases the likelihood to reoffend cid 127 cid 127 cid 127 cid 127 cid 127 Parole Violation cid 127 Parole Revocation cid 127 Restitution cid 127 The Legal Environment cid 127 Revocation hearing cid 127 Conditional release parole cid 127 An act of failure to act by a parolee that does not conform to the conditions of parole cid 127 The administrative action of removing a person from parole in response to a violation of conditions cid 127 A court requirement that an alleged or convicted offender pay money or provide services to the victim of the crime or provide services to the community cid 127 A hearing held before a legally constituted hearing body to determine whether a parolee or probationer has violated the conditions requirements of parole probation cid 127 about 25 have their conditional release revoked cid 127 The release of an inmate from prison to community supervision with a set of conditions for remaining on cid 127 Diagnosis and needs assessment formal written tests that do psychological testing cid 127 Most frequent violations for which revocation occurs cid 127 Failure to report cid 127 Failure to participate in treatment programs cid 127 Alcohol or drug abuse while under supervision cid 127 4 Primary Functions of Probation and Parole Officers cid 127 Pre sentence Investigations Intake procedures juvenile cid 127 Client supervision cid 127 Challenges of Probation Parole Officers cid 127 The need to balance two conflicting sets of duties cid 127 Provide quasi social work services cid 127 Handle custodial responsibilities cid 127 Asses the needs of the client cid 127 Match clients with community resources cid 127 Correctional model cid 127 The social work model stresses the service role and view probationers and parolees as clients cid 127 Emphasizes community protection cid 127 Careful and close supervision cid 127 Periodically visit clients at home and at work cid 127 Willing to report clients for new offenses and violations of the conditions cid 127 Large Courseloads supervision cid 127 A caseload is the number of probation parole clients assigned to one probation parole officer for Intermediate Sanctions involve the use of the following instead of more traditional sanctions cid 127 Split sentencing cid 127 Shock probation or parole cid 127 Shock incarceration boot camp type prisons cid 127 Mixed sentencing serve weekends so they can work through the week cid 127 Community Service a sentencing alternative that requires offenders to spend at least part of their time working for a community agency Intensive Probation Supervision IPS cid 127 A form of probation supervision involving frequent face to face contact between the probationer and the probation officer cid 127 Georgia was the first state to implement IPS cid 127 most effective at reducing reoffending cid 127 Probation officer and 2 other officers that work together very strict cid 127 Home Confinement House Arrest cid 127 cid 127 cid 127 cid 127 cid 127 Three components of federal home confinement cid 127 Curfew cid 127 Home detention home at all times besides work school treatment court etc cid 127 Home incarceration barely leave besides for court and emergency doctor visits cid 127 Griffin v Wisconsin 1987

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