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Psychology Midterm Study Guide1. Analysis that begins with the sense receptors and works up to the brain’s integration of sensory information.a. bottom up processing2. Without arguing the physics of light energy, psychologists have generally accepted that light isa. A tiny photon ball that travels in a wave pattern3. You can see the parts of an object which reflect light in a direction different than your eye.a. False4. The field of study that examines the connection between physical stimuli and human perception is called:a. Psychophysics5. Short waves are too long waves as:a. Gamma rays are to radio waves6. Kayla can lift 200 pounds and all the weight she lifts feels the same right down to 150 pounds. Which of the following is true? Leslie can:a. Just notice the difference between 1 lb and 0.75 lb7. Which of the following is the name for the minimal amount of energy required to detect a stimulus?a. Absolute threshold8. Which of the following is NOT a perceptual grouping factor?a. Shading9. Which of the following terms refers to the purity of a light stimulus?a. Saturation10. Which of the following is MOST CLOSELY linked anatomically to the blind spot?a. Optic nerve11. Which of the following are the three cone types?a. Blue, green, red12. Once action potentials from a sensory receptor reach the brain they travel through particular circuits which analyze the sensation. If you electrically stimulate those circuits a person will experience those sensory experiences.a. True13. Light waves which make you see GREEN are actually greencolored light waves.a. False14. When you remain in a low light condition for an extended period and your vision improves slightly from when you first entered it.a. Dark adaptation 15. Where is the location of the malleus, incus and stapes?a. Middle ear 16. The CocktailParty effect and the Necker Cube are both examples of:a. selective attention 17. This component of the eye always bends light the same amount.a. Cornea18. Relative size is related to:a. When closer objects cast a larger image on your retina 19. Sensation is to perception as:a. Biology is to learning 20. Which percentage of your depth perception comes from monocular cues?a. 90% 21. When the shape of an object changes but the subject perceives that it remains the same it is called:a. Shape constancy 22. Light is:a. Electromagnetic radiation 23. The stimulus for hearing is:a. Compressed and rarefied airwaves 24. An illusion in which gray dots appear in the intersection of a series of square black dots.a. Hermann grid 25. Your tactile sense can detect:a. Pressure, vibration, temperature and pain 26. Which of the following is NOT a grouping principle?a. Uncommon fate 27. Which of the following dimensions of light influences the perceived color of an object?a. Wavelength28. When the amplitude of a sound’s wavelength changes you get the perception of a changing:a. Volume29. The total number of relevant dimensions of light which influence vision are:a. 230. Which of the following is NOT an example of sensory adaptation?a. The fatigue you feel worsens the longer you walk 31. The fact that you perceive objects as having one color, despite the changing relative proportions of wavelengths projected from it is called:a. Color constancy 32. In about which decade did psychophysics develop?a. 186033. The relationship between the level of a justnoticeabledifference (jnd) and the standard stimulus from which the jnd is based.a. True34. The process by which physical objects and energy are detected and processed by your nervous system is called:a. Sensation35. The reduced responsiveness observed when one is exposed to the same stimulus event constantly.a. Sensory adaptation 36. The area of your eye on which light is focused.a. fovea37. Color is a perceptual phenomenon with no physical basis outside of your body except for photon wavelengths.a. True38. An illusion in which line lengths appear different due to “arrows” at the end of each line.a. MullerLyer illusion 39. Ethan is practicing his skills to be a coffee taster for the Starbucks Company. He realizes that to detect increasing amounts of bitterness in the coffee the concentration of bitter molecules must increase exponentially. What psychophysical property does this reflect?a. Just noticeable difference 40. Which of the following is NOT a typical factor studied in a signal detection experiment?a. Gender41. Which of the following is not an example of selective attention?a. Accommodation 42. Where are energy sources converted to action potentials?a. Sensory receptors 43. The range of human vision is:a. 380 nm to 750 nm 44. Which of the following is the name for the minimal amount of energy required to detect a change in a stimulus?a. Difference threshold 45. An illusion in which long trulyhorizontal lines appear to be rising or falling due to short angled lines cutting through each longer line.a. Zollner illusion 46. In a completely quiet room John notices at some point that he can hear mice in the walls.a. Absolute threshold 47. Somatosensation is related to which more commonly used term?a. Touch48. Humans are most sensitive to sound waves in the following range:a. 2,0004,000 Hz 49. The color of an object is dependent upon the total amount and proportions of the various wavelengths available when you are looking at it.a. True50. This component of the eye has the capacity to bend light to different amounts.a. Lens51. Physiological changes in adolescence can influence the amount of needed sleep.a. True52. Which of the following behaviors will a typical hypnotized subject do if you tell her to do it?a. Commit a car theftb. Murder the presidentc. Smoke crack cocained. None of the above53. Periodic physiological fluctuations in the body are called:a. Biological rhythms 54. Which of the following is NOT related to the value of sleep?a. The management of emotional responding 55. Insomnia is a disorder which can be treated in a safe and effective manner.a. True56. In the U.S., cigarette usage has been ___ over the past ten years.a. Declining57. Which of the following neurotransmitters is NOT primarily related to sleep?a. Dopamine 58. Which of the following is used to assess the consciousness of nonhumans?a. Learning and memory 59. The amount of sleep a species requires is positively correlated with how intelligent that creature is compared to other species.a. False60. Psychoactive substances that slow down psychological and behavioral

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