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1) The recognized right of an individual or institution to exercise power is called: authority2) Research suggests the rise in faulty perceptions is primarily caused by: changes in communication3) Individualism is a core ideal of the American political culture.4) In its “Citizens United” decision, the Supreme Court of the U.S. ruled that corporations and unions: have the same First Amendment free speech rights as individuals when it comes to spending money on campaigns.5) Important principles of the free market system include: open marketplace, self- reliance, and free enterprise.6) C. Wright Mills was a proponent of: the elite theory.7) During the buildup to the Iraq invasion, individuals who got their news from cable television shows were the most misinformed about the relationship between Iraq and al Qaeda: True8) The way in which the free market system is practiced in the United States ensures that wealthierinterests cannot parlay their economic clout into disproportionate political influence: False9) Authoritarian governments openly repress their political opponents as a means of staying in power: True10) Widely popular for many years, the Social Security Act is now under threat of repel in the UnitedStates because of its unpopular association with socialism: False11) The principles of checks and balances is based on the notion that power must be used to offset power: True12) In Federalist No 10, Madison warned against dangerous factions: True13) Which of the following accurately characterizes Thomas Jefferson’s beliefs about government: He saw Congress as a better representative of the people than the presidency.14) Every Amendment to the Constitution except for the Twenty-First was adopted by: a proposal through 2/3 vote of both houses of Congress and ratification by ¾ state legislatures.15) Which of the following is a limit on government in the United States? : checks and balances, federalism, judicial review.16) John Locke maintained that a government, if originally put into place by legitimates means, could never be revoked legitimately: False17) Marbury v Madison established the power of the Supreme Court to decide the constitutionality of an act of Congress: True18) The Great Compromise provided that seats in both chambers of Congress would be allocated according to the state’s population: False19) Andrew Jackson was the only presidential candidate to win the majority of the popular vote and still lose the election: False20) The first national government of the U.S. was the Articles of Confederation: True21) In an autocracy, control rests with: a single individual22) The initiative and referendum are least common in: the northeast and southern states.23) President Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society Programs: used Congress’s taxing and spending powers to increase social welfare programs.24) The Welfare Reform Act of 1996: gave greater responsibility to state governments to deal with welfare25) Democracy is a theory of American politics that holds that society’s interests are substantially represented through power exercised by groups:

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