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! 1. If all of these renewable energy sources are so great, why hasn't the United States converted to a purely "Renewable" energy base? A) The US decided that fuel cells offer better opportunities for electricity production B) Not enough technology available C) Logistics D) Cost Feedback: Correct. This may have been an easy question, but the main issue is cost. Coal based electricity is the cheapest energy source at around 3 cents per kWh. Renewable cost 7 cents per kWh or more... The cost is associated with the upkeep of the equipment.  !Points Earned:5.6/5.6!! 2. What are the main components of SYNTHESIS gas (syn-gas)? A) U235 and Ba B) CH4 and O2 C) CO and H2 Feedback: Correct! CO and H2 are the main components of synthesis gas. These can be further processed into product fuels (Fischer-Tropsch synthesis) or used as a fuel (complete the combustion process forming CO2 and H2O. D) CO2 and H2O !!! 3. Ethanol is a potential alternative fuel, why is it one of the most likely candidates for biofuels? A) Can be burned in SLIGHTLY modified internal combustion engines (fuel flex) at 85% ethanol, 15% gasoline (E85%) !B) Creates jobs in the farm lands and can be produced in the United States thus removing our dependence from foreign oil C) Can be derived quickly using natural growing plants D) Existing infrastructure for liquid fuels E) All of the above Feedback: Correct! All of the above are reasons ethanol is a likely candidate for a near future biomass fuel !Correct Answer(s):DPoints Earned:5.6/5.6Correct Answer(s):C!! 4. As of 2006, the three major fuel sources (in order) for electricity generation in the U.S. are: A) Nuclear > Coal > Petroleum B) Coal > Natural gas > Petroleum C) Renewables > Hydroelectric > Coal D) Coal > Nuclear = Natural gas Feedback: Correct: Coal is still the major contributor to electricity generation, and nuclear and natural gas comes next. !E) Petroleum > Coal > Natural gas !!! 5. Which country currently utilizes gasification to generate transportation fuels and many chemicals in significant amounts (best answer)? A) Canada B) United States C) South Africa Feedback: Correct: See http:wwww.sasol.com !D) China !!!Correct Answer(s):EPoints Earned:5.6/5.6Correct Answer(s):DPoints Earned:5.6/5.6Correct Answer(s):C 6. How much does fuel oil (obtained from crude oil) contribute to electricity production in the US? A) Lots, as much as coal B) Quite a bit, as much as hydroelectricity C) A little more than wind (about 3%) Feedback: Correct. We still have some old power plants that use fuel oil, but electricity generation is not a significant use for oil! !!! 7. Take a look at this page from the NREL website to learn a little more about hydrogen storage. Hydrogen storage is a challenge due to its explosive characteristic. Another reason is !A) its bad smell B) its very low energy density Feedback: Correct : We have to compress significantly and make its volume much less, which requires extra energy input... !C) its chemical stability D) none of the above !!!Points Earned:5.6/5.6Correct Answer(s):CPoints Earned:5.6/5.6Correct Answer(s):B 8. Which of the following renewable energy sources is used to product the MOST electricity (FROM RENEWABLE ENERGY) in the U.S.? Not sure? Look the NREL webpage for some more information about each energy source. A) Solar B) Biomass C) Hydroelectric Feedback: Correct: This is by far the largest renewable for electricity generation in the U.S. !D) Wind E) Geothermal !!! 9. Read this pdf article article about wind power as a global energy source. What percentage of electricity supply (US) could be provided by wind power at the end of year 2030? !A) 10% B) 80% C) 15% D) 5% E) 20% Feedback: Correct! This 20% value is optimistic however. !!!Points Earned:5.6/5.6Correct Answer(s):CPoints Earned:5.6/5.6Correct Answer(s):E! 10. At ground level, you carry a 20kg sack of potatoes into an elevator and ascend 15 floors (approximately 45 meters), if you drop the sack out of the window, what would the potential energy of the sack of potatoes when it reaches ground level? (hint: P.E. = mgh) A) 900 Joules B) 8820 Joules C) 0 Joules Feedback: Correct! At ground level, the height is 0. Thus in your equation:! P.E. = mgh!!D) 300 Joules !!! 11. Fuel cells can produce A) electricity B) heat C) water D) all of the above Feedback: Correct: Obviously we want electricity, but it is important to utilize generated heat for better overall energy efficiency. !!!!Points Earned:5.6/5.6Correct Answer(s):CPoints Earned:5.6/5.6Correct Answer(s):D 12. Geothermal electricity generation is the same as geothermal heating and cooling. A) True B) False !!!! 13.  If a house or building is designed in that there is a large area of windows facing south to maximize natural light, what type of solar energy best describes this? !A) Passive Feedback: Correct! The idea of passive solar energy is an element of good design and maximizes solar energy with no external power supply or active controls. It is a completely passive system. Points Earned:5.6/5.6Correct Answer(s):FalseB) Thermal C) Active D) Photovoltic !!! 14. In which country was the LARGEST hydroelectric dam being built? Once completed, this dam will be the world's largest capable of generating from 15,000 to 20,000 MW of power! A) United States B) China Feedback: Correct! China is building the world's largest dam. C) Hawaii D) Indonesia !!! 15. The process that produce various types of hydrocarbons (e.g. methane, gasoline) from synthesis gas is called A) water-gas shift reaction B) gasification C) none of the above D) Fischer-Tropsch synthesis Feedback: Correct: An old technology that may have a bright future due to limited oil availability and energy security. !!Points Earned:5.6/5.6Correct Answer(s):APoints Earned:5.6/5.6Correct Answer(s):B!! 16. What is the main cause of the tides? A) the wind B) the gravitational pull from the sun C) the disturbance made by fishes in the sea D) the gravitational pull from the moon Feedback: Correct: but for high tides, the sun and moon can both have an influence.Ye !!! 17. Geothermal for home heating/cooling is EXACTLY the same as geothermal for eloectricity generation. A) True B) False !Feedback: Geothermal heating/cooling in the home ONLY takes advantage of the stored solar energy in the shallow subsurface. Geothermal for electricity usually needs to go MUCH, MUCH deeper. !Correct Answer(s):DPoints

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