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Ch 7 Sexuality 1 Sexual Orientation 166 Doesn t experience sexual attraction Some say our sexuality may be on a continuum Asexual On the DL Men secretly having sex with other men but claim that they are not gay Homosexuality exists in all cultures Transgender doesn t conform to typical gender roles associated with their sex Transsexuals Identify with the sex other than the one to which they were born Intersexual Born with ambiguous genitalia Cross Dressers Wear clothing of the other sex 2 What determines Sexual Orientation Biological Theorists POV genetics Cultural Theorists POV It is a result of social and environmental factors Gender is more influential on our behaviors than sexual orientation Gay men and lesbians are more similar to straight people of their own sex than they are to each other 3 Sexual Double Standard Belief that women s sexual behavior must be more conservative than mens Hymenoplasty Repair hymen to restore virginity FGM female circumcision remove all or part of the external genitalia 4 Who influences our sexual activity Parents Blacks are more likely than others to learn about sex from their parents These teens who talk to their parents tend to abstain from sex for a longer period of time Peers are one of the most common sources of information much of it being incorrect Peers Siblings 5 Sexual Behaviors Coitus penile vaginal intercourse Married Cohabited relationships tend to have more sex than singles First coitus tends to occur between 16 17 years of age 6 Sex Throughout Life Frequency Once a week on average for all adult Americans Teens Teen pregnancy rates are at an all time low Many teens Abstain from sex They may do this because they have a close parent teen relationship with good communication 7 Why teens have sex Girls Tend to partake in intercourse because they are in a relationship and want to have an emotional connection with their boyfriend Boys Peer pressure boys tend to view sex as a bragging right amongst their friends Marrieds tend to be very happy in their sex lives Middle married years sex takes a lower priority because of stress with work or kids Menopause End of a woman s ability to reproduce There is no male menopause But men experience a significant drop in testosterone starting around age 30 I later life many adults tend to still be sexually active There is a partner gap in later years because there tends to be more older women than men Infidelity Most Americans are faithful to their spouses Reasons for cheating Money problems Longer life expectancy Internet Emotional needs not being met Ego boost 8 Outcomes of Affairs Most do not end in marriage Average length of an affair is one year 8 of Americans identify as gay lesbian or bi STI s can be passed to partner because the carrier has no symptoms

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KSU HDFS 24011 - Ch. 7 – Sexuality

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