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Running head: TOTAL QUALITY PIONEERS PAPER 1Total Quality Pioneers PaperMGT/449TOTAL QUALITY PIONEERS PAPER 2Total Quality Pioneers PaperQuality can has different words to define the same result. The consumer is the final judge of the quality of a product or service sold and or consumed. W. Edward Deming who was considered tobe a pioneer in the area of quality defined quality as the following,” Quality can be defined only in terms of the agent. Who is the judge of quality? In the mind of theProduction worker, he produces quality if he can take pride in his work. Poor quality, to him, meansLoss of business, and perhaps of his job. Good quality, he thinks, will keep the company in business.Quality to the plant manager means to get the numbers out and to meet specifications. His job isAlso, whether he knows it or not, continual improvement of leadership (2010).There have been many times that a consumer has received poor service or an unsatisfactory product. In essence quality is what is acceptable to the consumer as a decent product or service preformed. What made the total quality pioneer W. Edward Deming successful is the commitment to customer focus. With customer focus came the other “elements”that drove the idea that upheld that focus which are quality management, control, ability to createnew and improved processes and commitment to team work (pg.4 pr.5, 2010). These elements are still applicable in today’s business environment; quality is timeless and never goes out of style. While some of the initial ideas of Mr. Deming’s book, Out of the Crisis, the fact still remains when dealing with external or internal customers these elements still apply in order to produce a positive customer experience. Thinking in terms of current work environments these elements are still the focus of successful company’s wishing to improve overall status in the global community. The initial ideas of Mr. Deming can be repeated and updated in modern business under the name of “six sigma”® companies that embrace thisTOTAL QUALITY PIONEERS PAPER 3philosophy are Bank of America, Ford, United States Army, Motorola and General Electric just to name a few who embrace six sigma (2008). The three main elements contained within the six sigma philosophy are Delighting customer, Outside-in thinking (seeing customer view), and Leadership and commitment (2008/GE).All of these elements can be tied right back to Mr. Deming initial ideas for Quality concerning customer satisfaction. While the business community may consider the book Mr. Deming wrote to be outdated it is easy to see why he is referenced as the “pioneer of quality”.TOTAL QUALITY PIONEERS PAPER 4ReferencesGoetsch, David L.; Davis, Stanley B.; (2010) Quality Management for Organizational Excellence: Introduction to total QualityAuthor Unknown; (GE/2008) General Electric; Key elements of Six Sigma from Unknown; (2008) My Top Dozen; List of Top Six Sigma Companies from

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