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CSU PSY 320 - Fractured Fairy Tale

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Clara SmithPSY-320-001Dr. Amberg04 December 2020Snow White and the Seven DwarvesThe queen let out a deep sigh of sadness as she laid in her bed. She hadeverything she could ever want, but her heart still ached with longing. She wanted achild with fair skin, black hair, and red lips. As days went by she longed for this daughtermore and more until one day, when doing needlework, she pricked her finger and a dropof blood fell into the white snow below her. As she looked at the blood in the snow shewished again for a beautiful daughter. Months later, the queen gave birth to a child withfair skin, black hair, and red lips. She named her Snow White. However, soon after birth,the queen died and Snow White was left with her father. Her father, the king, thenremarried a beautiful woman. As Snow White grew up she always felt as though herstepmother despised her and wanted nothing but the worst for her. Snow Whitebelieved her stepmother practiced witchcraft and that everyday, her stepmother wouldask a magic mirror “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?” and themirror would respond “You, my queen, are the fairest of them all”. One cold winter day,Snow White, knowing how beautiful she was, believed the magic mirror had told herseemingly cruel stepmother, that Snow White was in fact the fairest of them all. Aftercoming to the conclusion that her stepmother would be furiously jealous of her, SnowWhite exclaimed with disorganized speech, “I must go! They are coming for me!Leaving for the forest - I must go now! Must go now! Now, now, leave, coming for me”.After this outcry, her stepmother came in to check on her and Snow White screamedand ran out of the castle into the forest. She ran as fast as she could through the forest,as she believed her evil stepmother would send a huntsman out to kill her. She ran, andran, until her legs couldn’t take it anymore. As she stopped to catch her breath, shestopped a cabin among the trees. She slowly dragged her tired feet over and enteredthe cabin, only to see seven small plates and seven small beds with seven small quilts.She was so exhausted from the day that she laid in one of the small beds and fellasleep.She woke up feeling the presence of other people. When she opened her eyesshe saw seven dwarfs surrounding her bed. Surprised by their presence, she sat upquickly and her head began to twitch, she stood up with her hands raised, and stared atthe dwarfs in front of her. She stayed in this position for several minutes, feeling unableto speak. Eventually her body began to relax and she sat back down. The dwarvesoffered her food and water which she gladly accepted. They said that she could staywith them in her cabin as long as she did their chores while they were out during theday and she gladly accepted their offer. “What would I do without all of you?” she askedhappily. As the days went on, Snow White spent her days in the cabin and occasionallytalking to the animals in the woods outside while the dwarves were gone.Back at the castle, Snow White’s father and stepmother wept as they weremissing their daughter. Everyday they would send a search party to go look for her,going deeper and deeper into the forest each time. One day, as the father andstepmother began to lose hope, they heard from the search party that a cabin wasfound and so they took it upon themselves to investigate it. They abruptly left the castleto go into the woods and find their daughter. When they found the cabin, the fatherentered first, only to find Snow White eating at a table, having a conversation withothers, but no one was there. Her father entered slowly, and Snow White turned to facehim. “Papa!” she cried and hugged him. “Let me introduce you to the seven dwarves.They’ve been taking care of me here in this cabin” she said as she gestured towards theempty table. Her father then began to realize that something was wrong with hisbeautiful daughter as she explained to him why she ran away and how the dwarves tookher in. He convinced her to come home and her stepmother tried to show her love bybringing her a freshly picked apple everyday. Snow White, however, still believed thather stepmother hated her and she refused to eat the apple, thinking that it waspoisoned. She lived out her days in the castle, fearing her stepmother until one day, asshe was outside talking to the animals, she met a prince who fell madly in love with her.She moved away with him soon after to get as far away from her stepmother as shecould.The

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