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People- The people refer to the owners of the business, the employees the owner hires, and also the vendors that the owner of the business chooses to use to deliver their products. If one customer has a bad experience, they most likely will tell friends and family about that one bad experience then to talk about the good experiences they have had. This is the reason you feel that the people are the most important out of the 5 P's.The service you choose was Petco's autos hip. This service allows customers to pick how often they want their products to ship to them with the ability to be able to change the frequency at any time if needed. The place would be the convenience of the items being shipped right to their door with no hassle. The price is affordable and also allows for a discount when selecting to have auto-ship. There is no additional charge for the shipping as long as you are a member of their rewards program. The only promotion they have is on their website when you are purchasing, they show the discounted cost if you select to auto-ship. There is no you face to face interaction but when you have had an issue the customer service team handled the problem with being professional and helpful.The Five Ps include:Product: What you are selling or advertising to the consumersPrice: The amount you set your product for, but can include special offers/discountsPlace: The home of your business or product. Whether it is in store or online based.Promotion: How you get your name out to the world or like advertisementPeople: The people representing your business, this can be the workers or customersAll of these components are important to the marketing strategy because they all rely on each other. You can have great customer service but if the product is not great, no one will continue to return for the product. If the price is too high, this can affect the type of customers or the number of consumers that drive sales. If there are no eye-catching promotions or sales the product may not sell. Also, if you donot have a nice set up for the business or a smooth and easy to use website it could lead to issues with consumers, workers, and product.Product you choose:The product you chose is the Spotify. you are a loyal customer and will never leave. The product is great.There are so many songs to choose from and all different genres. There are the billboard artists all the way to the artists that are just starting artists and a plethora of podcasts. The app is always really smooth and easy to use and so is the desktop version. The music is always clear and crisp, and the songs blend together so there are no awkward pauses in between. It may be because you use them a lot, but you see their advertisements everywhere. you know with online business the ads are based on personalization. The ads you get are on all your social media and whenever you watch YouTube. The little bit that you have had to deal with their customer service it was great. The customer service is through email, but they were quick and got it solved in no time.The 5 Ps of Marketing are as follow:Product: Products are generally overseen by brand, packaging, quality, design and services. As a company, we want to appeal to the best product that a customer would want to buy. Some companies generally want to promote the name brands due to the reputation that company has instead of a store brand. Customers want to see what the company benefits are in the product so make their best decisionwhether they want it.Price: Price seems to always be a major view to each customer. Customers want to know exactly what they want to pay and whether it is a good price, since they can go elsewhere. Customers want to generally see discounts that the company comes up with. They want to be able to see if they can afford the cost since some customers may rely on a budget.Promotion: Promotion is the activities that can be used to communicate the services or products that a company offers. When we think of promotions, we tend to think of ads, flyers, social media posts, and marketing. Customers tend to see the positive attributes of the product. We tend to see what kind of sales we can make to ensure that we make a profit on the product itself. Promotions tend to be appealing to each customer by persuading them to but our product.Place: Place is where we appeal to the needs of the customer. Every location that the product is being sold has its unique location. For example, you would promote a pickup truck for sale in a rural location. You would promote stationary supplies in a commercial office setting. Every place has different channelsthat one would use to be able to promote the correct item.People: People is one of the most important aspects of the 5 P’s. Customers tend to view businesses andproducts based on the people skills an employee has. A cook can make the perfect meal, but when a server displays an aggressive, unfriendly attitude, it makes the experience terrible. The person helping is generally the face of the company, and they can either bring customers in or drive them away. The service you want to explain on the 5 PS of marketing is the Online Grocery Business at Walmart. TheOGP business has all 5 uses of the Ps in marketing. The Products are universal since customers can order any groceries that need to consume. It includes produce, meats, dairy, certain general merchandise, andhealth and beauty products. It appeals to all kinds of customers where school moms, elderly, small businesses buying in bulk, truck drivers, and folks on a timely basis. The price is the same if you purchasein store and there is not a fee for the curbside pickup. The delivery fee that Walmart charges generally isa very reasonable cost. The promotional side is the company uses tv commercials, ads, promo codes, and in store advertisements. The place aspect is that the customers can order curbside and have their groceries loaded into their cars or they can have their orders delivered to their home. The people aspectis that the associate loading the carts are generally friendly and are always helping the customers when loading their

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