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ISU ART 155 - Unit 4- Study Terms

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UNIT 4: AEGEAN ARTSTUDY TERMS AND OBJECTSVOCABULARY Cycladic (Cyclades Islands) Culture is most abstract because there is little evidence to work with Earliest culture Corbelled ArchFirst arch invented in Mycenean history Stair step gives more height Linear BCode has been broke through for the most part Heavily pictographic Minoan (Crete)Comes after the Cycladic Fresco Walls soaked with limewater and painted while wet MycenaeanComes after Minoan wealthyTholos Tomb Larger tomb with a dome topHellas / Helladic Mainland greeceAshlar MasonryDressed stones to look more uniformCyclopes Have one eye and are sheep herders GiantsART OBJECTS Cycladic, Figurine of a Woman, from Syros (Cyclades)- 1 ft 6in high - Made from marble - Triangle shaped body - Geometrical head- Pubic triangle with hands over a large or pregnant belly Cycladic, Seated Musician, from Keros (Cyclades)- made from marble - buried alongside someone- playing instruments - 9 in high Minoan, Palace at Knossos (Crete)- Ashlar masonry - Open courtyard - Columns add light Minoan, Snake Goddess, from Knossos (Crete)- Made from faience- a type of clay that forms a glass like glaze- 1ft 1.5 in tall - Wearing a bell flounce skirt with a sacral knot belt - Holding a snake in each hand and a cat on her head Mycenaean, Citadel of Mycenae, gate- Less organized than crete- Defense wall- Lion gate is nearly 10 ft tall - Largest stones surround the gate - Post and lintel construction Mycenaean, Treasury of Atrius - Not inside the city - Grave goods were found - Wasn’t a treasury but a tomb - Another post and lintel construction with a corbelled arch on top - Rosettes were sculpted on the inside of the domeMycenaean, Funerary Mask from Grave Circle A (Mycenae)- White guy thinks he’s at troy - First royal grave of the Mycenaean- Shaft graves - 2-3 in each shaft - Funerary mask was made of beaten gold and is a mythical

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