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Module 14-2

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MODULE 14 – EXERCISESA. Define the combining form. I’ve done the first one as an example.1. aspir/o: to breathe in2. hal/o: to breathe3. amnes/o: forgetfulness4. l aps /o: to slide back5. pharmac/o: drug6. topic/o: a specific area7. tox/o: poison8. dilat/o: to widen9. anxi/o: fear, worry10. compuls/o: drive, compel11. delus/o: false belief12. somn/o: body13. phren/o: mind14. hallucin/o: imagined perception15. klept/o: to steal16. ment/o: mind17. obsess/o: besieged by thoughts18. phob/o: irrational fear19. mort/o: death20. psych/o: mind21. schiz/o: split22. soci/o: society23. somat/o: body24. depress/o: to press down25. tenacul/o: to hold26. morbid/o: ill27. vers/o: to turn28. sect/o: to cut29. radic/o: root30. electr/o: electricity31. lapar/o: abdomen32. narc/o: stupor, sleep33. dilat/o: to widen34. cry/o: cold35. cis/o: to cut36. recumb/o: to lie back37. specul/o: to look at38. capsul/o: to box39. miss/o: to send back40. mutat/o: to changeSuffixes41. –genic: produced by42. –iatrist: physician43. –iatry: medical treatment44. –logic: pertaining to studying45. –mania: frenzy46. –philic: pertaining to being attracted to 47. –phoria: condition to bear48. –lepsy: seizure49. –stasis: standing still50. –orexia: appetite51. –plasm: formation52. –scopic: pertaining to visually examiningB. Unscramble each medical term below. I’ve done the first one as an example.1. c p e a o b l: placebo Inactive substance used to satisfy patient’s desire for medication2. n i v t a e r s n u o: intravenous Injection of drug into the veins3. s n i a o n i m: insomnia Inability to sleep4. l a l u i c n h n a i o t: hallucination Perceiving something that is not there5. p e y r p l a h a i s: hyperplasia Excessive development of normal cells6. u u a r d s l o n t: ultrasound Use of high-frequency sound waves to produce an image7. m b e d i r d e t e n: debridement Removal of dead or damaged tissue8. h o w r i l l o p: whirlpool Bath using continuous jets of water9. m e t o a s t h: hemostats Forceps to grab blood vessels10. d i a o l y o g r: radiology Using X-rays to expose a photographic plate C: Matching__O__1. Topical a. Used as an X-ray dye__F__2. BID b. Medication to produce loss of sensation__S__3. Habituation c. To surgically cut out__P__4. Relapse d. Stopping the flow of blood__V__5. Panic attack e. Progressive confusion and disorientation__L__6. Morbidity f. Twice a day__M__7. Mania g. Manner of walking__E__8. Dementia h. Uses radioactive glucose__A__9. Barium i. Method of staging tumors__H__10. PETj. Produces cross-section view of body__R__11. Radiolucent k. Artificial device to replace missing body part__J__ 12. CT scan l. Number of sick persons in a population__U__13. Ergonomics m. Extreme elation__G__14. Gait n. Suctions fluid__K__15. Prosthetics o. Applied directly to the skin__T__16. Thermotherapy p. Return of disease symptoms__D__17. Hemostasis q. Excessive development__C__18. Resection r. Allows X-rays to pass through__B__19. Anesthetic s. An emotional dependence on a drug__N__20. Aspirator t. Use of heat__I___21. TNMu. Study of human work__Q__22. Hyperplasia v. An anxiety

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