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Module 12-3

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A. Define the combining form. I’ve done the first one as an example.1. alges/o: sense of pain2. astr/o: star3. cephal/o: head4. cerebell/o: cerebellum5. cerebr/o: cerebrum6. clon/o: rapid contracting and relaxing7. dur/o: dura mater8. encephal/o: brain9. esthesi/o: sensation, feeling10. gli/o: glue11. ventricul/o: ventricle12. mening/o: meninges13. meningi/o: meninges14. myel/o: spinal cord15. neur/o: nerve16. poli/o: gray matter17. pont/o: pons18. radicul/o: nerve root19. thalam/o: thalamus20. thec/o: sheath (meninges)21. tom/o: to cut22. medull/o: medulla oblongataSuffixes23. –paresis: weakness24. –phasia: speech25. –plegia: paralysis26. –taxia: muscle coordination27. -trophic: pertaining to developmentB. Analyze each term presented below and list and define the word parts used to build each term. I’ve done the first one as an example.1. Cranial: crani/o = skull; -al = pertaining to2. Neuroglial: neur/o = nerve; gli/o = glue; al = pertaining to3. Hemiparesis: hemi = half; paresis = weakness 4. Hemiplegia: hemi = half; plegia = paralysis 5. Neurology: neur/o = nerve; logy = study of 6. Meningocele: mening/o = meninges; cele = protrusion 7. Myelomeningocele: myel/o = spinal cord; mening/o = meninges; cele = protrusion 8. Poliomyelitis: poli/o = gray matter; myel/o = spinal cord; itis = inflammation 9. Myasthenia: my/o = muscle; asthenia = weakness10. Angiography: angi/o = vessel; graphy = process of recording11. Electroencephalography: electr/o = electricity; encephala/o = brain; graphy = process of recording12. Anhidrosis: an = without; hidr/o = sweat; osis = abnormal conditionC. Unscramble each medical term below. I’ve done the first one as an example.1. s e i p l e p y: epilepsySeizures and loss of consciousness due to uncontrolled neuron electrical activity2. n u c n u o s i o c s: unconsciousBeing unaware of surroundings; does not respond to stimuli3. i n t c n v u a l o n a t s: anticonvulsantMedication to control seizures4. n e i l n m o e c g e: meningoceleProtrusion of the meninges5. h g n i l e s s: shinglesEruption of painful blisters along nerve path6. r o h e c h p y a s l u d: hydrocephalusAccumulation of cerebrospinal fluid in brain ventricles7. o l p e y n i u r i s t: polyneuritisInflammation of many nerves8. a r p y s a l s i: paralysisTemporary or permanent loss of muscle function and movement9. e h p m i g l i e a: hemiplegiaParalysis of half the body10. h a p i a s a: aphasiaUnable to speakD. Build a term. I’ve done the first one as an example.1. brain inflammation: encephalitis2. head pain: migraine3. pertaining to the cerebrum and spine: cerebrospinal4. meninges tumor: meningioma5. surgical removal of a nerve: neurectomy6. without pain: analgesic7. difficult speech: dysphasia8. paralysis of four: quadriplegia9. without muscle coordination: ataxia10. surgical repair of nerve: neuroplastyE. Matching:__H__1. absence seizure a. Uncontrolled electrical activity of the brain__R__2. aura b. Confusion, disorientation, agitation__L__3. coma c. Procedure removes pressure on spinal nerve__B__4. delirium d. Repetitive, alternating movements__W_5. focal seizure e. Controls seizures__O__6. dementia f. Unaware of surroundings__T__7. paresthesia g. Insufficient neurotransmitter__N__8. syncope h. Petit mal__D__9. tremor i. Associated with children taking aspirin__F__10. unconscious j. Bruising of the brain__Y__11. astrocytoma k. A stroke__V__12. cerebral aneurysm l. Profound unconsciousness__J__13. cerebral contusion m. Progressive spinal cord degeneration__K__14. CVA n. Fainting__I__15. Reye syndrome o. Impaired intellectual functioning__A__16. epilepsy p. Nerves lose myelin sheath__M__17. ALS q. Brain image made using radioactive isotopes__X__18. spina bifida r. Unusual sensation before a seizure__P__19. MS s. Spinal tap__G__20. myasthenia gravis t. Burning or tingling sensations__Q__21. brain scan u. Promotes sleep__S__22. lumbar puncture v. May cause a hemorrhagic stroke__C__23. laminectomy w. Affects only one limb__E__24. anticonvulsant x. Congenital defect__U__25. hypnotic y. Tumor of a neuroglial

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