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Module 11-2

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A. Directions: Define the combining form. I’ve done the first one as an example.1. acr/o: extremities2. adren/o: adrenal glands3. adrenal/o: adrenal glands4. aden/o: gland5. calc/o: calcium6. crin/o: to secrete7. cortic/o: outer layer8. glycos/o: sugar9. glyc/o: sugar10. c h e m /o: drug11. testicul/o: testes12. radi/o: radiation13. lapar/o: abdomen14. kal/i: potassium15. ket/o: ketones16. mast/o: breast17. natr/o: sodium18. ophthalm/o: eye19. ovari/o: ovary20. pancreat/o: pancreas21. parathyroid/o: parathyroid 22. pineal/o: pineal gland23. pituitar/o: pituitary gland24. i mmun/o: protection25. thym/o: thymus gland26. thyr/o: thyroid gland27. thyroid/o: thyroid gland28. toxic/o: poison Suffixes29. –dipsia: thirst30. –prandial: a meal31. –pressin: to press down 32. –megaly: enlarged33. -emic: relating to a blood conditionB. Directions: Unscramble each medical term below. I’ve done the first one as an example.1. e n a t t y: tetany Nerve irritability and muscle cramps from hypocalcemia2. a m i d r i o m o a n s a u s y: radioimmunoassay Measures levels of hormones in blood plasma3. y m d e a m x e: myxedema Results from hyposecretion of thyroid hormones in an adult4. a h s m s t i h o o thyroiditis: Hashimoto’s Autoimmune form of thyroiditis5. r e i g t o: goiter Enlarged thyroid gland6. h p x h o t a e l o s m: exophthalmos Protruding eyeballs7. w i r f a s m d: dwarfism Being excessively short in height8. i h g s u n c s syndrome: Cushing’s Results from hypersecretion of adrenal cortex hormones9. adrenal z i f n e i a m i t n o: feminization Female secondary sexual characteristics in a male10. y c r l o i s g u a: glycosuria Sugar in the urineC. Directions: Build a term. I’ve done the first one as an example.1. adrenal gland disease: adrenopathy2. excessive calcium in the blood: hypercalcemia3. insufficient sugar in the blood: hypoglycemia4. state of excessive parathyroid: Recklinghausen5. enlarged thyroid: thyromegaly6. thymus tumor: thymoma7. state of insufficient thyroid: hypothyroidism8. sugar in the urine: glycosuria9. excessive thirst: polydipsia10. pertaining to the pancreas: pancreaticD. Matching:__I__ 1. Edema a. Tumor of adrenal medulla__M_ 2. Exophthalmos b. Secrete into a duct__E__ 3. Gynecomastia c. Excess acid in the body tissues__Q__ 4. Hirsutism d. Too much potassium in the blood__U__ 5. Syndrome e. Breast development in a male__L__ 6. Virilism f. Enlarged thyroid gland__A__ 7. Pheochromocytoma g. Tumor of islets of Langerhans__C__ 8. Acidosis h. Test using radioactive iodine__K__ 9. Diabetes mellitus i. Tissues contain excessive amount of fluid__B__ 10. E x o c r i n e j. Short stature__G__ 11. Insulinoma k. Symptoms are hyperglycemia and glycosuria__S__ 12. Tetany l. Development of male sex characteristics__O__ 13. Acromegaly m. Bulging eyeballs__J__ 14. Dwarfism n. Marked overproduction of thyroid hormones__F__ 15. Goiter o. Enlargement of bones of extremities__V__ 16. Hashimoto’s disease p. Measures levels of hormones in the blood__N__ 17. Thyrotoxicosis q. Excessive amount of hair__D__ 18. Hyperkalemia r. An ultrasound examination__P__ 19. Radioimmunoassay s. Nerve irritability__R__ 20. Thyroid echography t. Treats diabetes insipidus__H__ 21. Thyroid scan u. Group of symptoms occurring together__T__ 22. Vasopressin v. Autoimmune form of

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