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Module 10-2

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A. Directions: Define the combining form. I’ve done the first one as an example.1. amni/o: amnion2. cervic/o: neck, cervix3. chori/o: chorion4. colp/o: vagina5. culd/o: cul-de-sac6. embry/o: embryo7. episi/o: vulva8. fet/o: fetus9. gynec/o: woman, female 10. hymen/o: hymen11. hyster/o: uterus12. lact/o: milk13. mamm/o: breast14. mast/o: breast15. men/o: menses, menstruation16. metr/o: uterus17. nat/o: birth18. p elv/o: pelvis19. oophor/o: ovary20. ovari/o: ovary21. perine/o: perineum22. salping/o: uterine (fallopian) tubes23. uter/o: uterus24. orchid/o: testes25. vulv/o: vulva26. andr/o: male27. balan/o: glans penis28. crypt/o: hidden29. epididym/o: epidiymis30. genit/o: genitals31. orch/o: testes32. orchi/o: testes33. vagin/o: vagina 34. pen/o: penis35. prostat/o: prostate gland36. spermat/o: sperm37. testicul/o: testicle38. vas/o: vessel39. vesicul/o: seminal vesiclePrefixes and Suffixes40. contra-: against41. –cyesis: state of pregnancy42. –gravida: pregnancy43. –para: to bear (offspring)44. –partum: childbirth45. –salpinx: uterine tube46. –tocia: labor, childbirth47. –cide: to kill48. primi–: firstB. Directions: Analyze each term presented below and list and define the word parts used to build each term. I’ve done the first one as an example.1. Oo gen es i s: o /o = e g g; ge ne s is = p rod uc e s, gen e ra tes2. Gynecology: gynec/o = woman; logy = study of3. Intrauterine: intra = within; uter/o = uterus; ine = pertaining to 4. Neonatology: neo = new; nat/o = birth; logy = study of5. Carcinoma: carcin/o = cancer; oma = tumor6. Endometrial: endo = inner; metr/o = uterus; al = pertaining to 7. Menometrorrhagia: men/o = menstruation; metr/o = uterus; rrhagia = abnormal flow condition8. Cystocele: cyst/o = bladder; cele = protrusion9. Endometriosis: endo = within; metr/o = uterus; osis = abnormal condition10. Hemolytic: hem/o = blood; lytic = destruction11. Hysterosalpingography: hyster/o = uterus; salping/o = uterine tube; graphy =process of recording12. Mammography: mamm/o = breast; graphy = process of recording13. Culdoscopy: culd/o = cul-de-sac; scopy = process of viewing14. Laparoscopy: lapar/o = abdomen; scopy = process of viewing 15. Amniocentesis: amni/o = amnion; centesis = puncture to withdraw fluid16. Biopsy: bi/o = life; opsy = view of 17. Episiotomy: episi/o = vulva; otomy = cutting into18. Hysterectomy: hyster/o = uterus; pexy = surgical fixation19. Oophorectomy: oophor/o = ovary; ectomy = surgical removal20. Spermatogenesis: spermat/o = sperm; genesis = produced21. Cryptorchidism: crypt/o = hidden; orchid/o = testes; ism = state of 22. Varicocele: varic/o = dilated vein; cele = protrusion23. Vasostomy: vas/o = vas deferens; ostomy = surgically create an opening24. Vasectomy: vas/o = vas deferens; ectomy = surgical removal 25. Transurethral: trans = across; urethr/o = urethra; al = pertaining to C. Directions: Unscramble each medical term below. I’ve done the first one as an example.1. o c i n n a i t o z: conizationRemoval of core of cervical tissue for biopsy2. t i e r l a f i z t n i o: fertilizationJoining of ova and sperm3. r h c o o n i: chorionOuter sac protecting fetus4. l e s o t c c y e: cystoceleProtrusion of bladder into vagina5. c a e m v t o s y: vasectomySurgical removal of vas deferens6. d u m o e r t i m e n: endometriumInner layer of the uterus7. a y l m a h d i c: chlamydiaBacterial sexually transmitted disease8. c a i r o v e c l e: varicoceleVaricose veins in scrotum9. l a a h b o r n e a r: balanorrheaDischarge from glans penis10. g a s l a t i a m: mastalgiaBreast pain D. Directions: Build a term. I’ve done the first one as an example.1. instrument to view inside abdomen: laparoscope2. ruptured uterus: hysterorrhexis3. pus in fallopian tube: pyosalpinx4. before birth: antepartum5. false pregnancy: pseudocyesis6. abnormal flow from uterus: menorrhagia7. surgical repair of glans penis: balanoplasty8. surgical fixation of testes: orchiopexy9. removal of prostate: prostatectomy10. condition of scanty sperm: olgiospermiaE. Matching:__O__ 1. Infertility a. May be caused by human papilloma virus__U__ 2. Condom b. Obtains a core of cervical tissue__K__ 3. Colostrums c. Convulsions and coma during pregnancy__E__ 4. Oxytocin d. Narrowing of prepuce__H__ 5. Menarche e. Hormone that improves uterine contractions__A__ 6. Cervical cancer f. Reverses a vasectomy__R__ 7. Prolapsed g. Spontaneous abortion__N__ 8. Abruptio placentae h. First menstrual period__C__ 9. Eclampsia i. Test for cervical cancer__Q__ 10. Stillbirth j. Venereal ulcer__I___ 11. Pap smear k. First milk secreted from breast__G__ 12. Miscarriage l. Sterilization procedure__T__ 13. Amniocentesis m. Undescended testicle__B__ 14. Conization n. Placenta tears away from uterine wall__L__ 15. T ubal ligation o. Inability to produce children__F__ 16. Vasovasostomy p. Impotence__M__ 17. Cryptorchidism q. Death of a viable-aged fetus__P__ 18. E rectile dysfunction r. Fallen uterus__D__ 19. Phimosis s. Persistent erection__S__ 20. Priapism t. Test for genetic abnormalities__J__ 21. Chancroid u. Example of barrier

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