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Module 9-2

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A. Directions: Define the combining form. I’ve done the first one as an example.1. azot/o: nitrogenous waste2. bacteri/o: bacteria3. cyst/o: urinary bladder4. glomerul/o: glomerulus5. glycos/o: sugar, glucose6. hydro/o: water7. keton/o: ketones8. meat/o: meatus9. nephr/o: kidney10. noct/i: night11. ureter/o: ureter12. protein/o: protein13. pyel/o: renal pelvis14. ren/o: kidney15. ur/o: urine16. olig/o: scanty17. urethr/o: urethra18. urin/o: urineSuffixes19. –lith: stone20. –lithiasis: condition of stones21. –ptosis: drooping22. –tripsy: surgical crushing23. -uria: condition of the urineB. Directions: Analyze each term presented below and list and define the word parts used to build each term. I’ve done the first one as an example.1. Necrosis: necr/o = death; -osis = abnormal condition2. Antibiotic: anti = against; bi/o = life; tic = pertaining to 3. Azotemia: azot/o = nitrogenous waste; emia; blood condition4. Cystocele: cyst/o = urinary bladder; cele = protrusion5. Cystography: cyst/o = bladder; graphy = process of recording6. Cystoscopy: cyst/o = bladder; scopy = process of visually examining 7. Urography: ur/o = urine; graphy = process of recording8. Glomerular: glomerul/o = glomerulus; ar = pertaining to 9. Glomerulonephritis: glomerul/o = glomerulus; nephron/o = kidney; itis = inflammation10. Hydronephrosis: hydr/o = water; nephr/o = kidney; osis = abnormal condition11. Intravenous: intra = within; ven/o = vein; ous = pertaining to 12. Meatotomy: meat/o = meatus; otomy = cutting into13. Nephrolithotomy: nephr/o = kidney; lith/o = stone; otomy = cutting into 14. Nephrology: nephr/o = kidney; ology = study of15. Nephrotic: nephr/o = kidney; tic = pertaining to 16. Neurogenic: neur/o = nerve; genic = producing 17. Cystoplasty: cyst/o = bladder; plasty = surgical repair18. Polycystic: poly = many; cyst/o = pouch; tic = pertaining to 19. Pyelonephritis: pyel/o = renal pelvis; nephr/o = kidney; itis = inflammation20. Carcinoma: carcin/o = cancer; oma = tumor21. Retroperitoneal: retro = behind; peritone/o = peritoneum; al = pertaining to 22. Uremia: ur/o = urine; emia = blood condition23. Urinalysis: urin/o = urine; lysis = to destroy24. Urography: ur/o = urine; graphy = process of recording25. Pyelonephritis: pyel/o = renal pelvis; nephr/o= kidney; itis = inflammationC. Directions: Unscramble each medical term below. I’ve done the first one as an example.1. n i r u y i s a l s: urinalysisPhysical, chemical, and microscopic examination ofurine2. l e y d o i s h m a s i: hemodialysisUsing artificial kidney machine to filter waste from blood3. t a h c t e i r e a t i z n o: catheterizationInserting flexible tube into bladder4. r u i a p y: pyuriaPus in the urine5. o n e h p r n: nephronFunctional working unit of kidney6. s t a o c l p t y s y: cystoplastySurgical repair of bladder7. s e h i t n a y c: hesitancyDecrease in force of urine stream8. e n p i r o p h t o s s: nephroptosisAlso known as floating kidney9. s c l u c l u a: calculusA stone10. a i t l r t o n i f: filtrationFirst stage of urine productionD. Directions: Build a term. I’ve done the first one as an example.1. excision of the bladder: cystectomy 2. bladder pain: cystalgia3. surgical crushing of a stone: lithotripsy4. ureter stone: ureterolith5. narrowing of the urethra: ureterostenosis6. condition of sugar in the urine: glycosuria7. condition of pus in the urine: pyuria8. bladder inflammation: cystitis9. bladder stone: cystolith10. surgical repair of the bladder: cystoplasty11. rapid bleeding from the bladder: cystorrhagia12. instrument used to visually examine the bladder: cystoscope13. condition of sugar in the urine: glycosuria14. softening of the kidney: nephromalacia15. kidney tumor: nephroma16. drooping kidney: nephroptosis17. surgical fixation of (floating) kidney: nephropexy18. kidney disease: nephropathy19. hardening of the kidney: nephrosclerosis20. condition of (frequent) nighttime urination:

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