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Module 8-2

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A. Directions: Define the combining form. I’ve done the first one as an example.1. an/o: anus2. append/o: appendix3. appendic/o: appendix 4. bar/o: weight5. bucc/o: cheek6. cec/o: cecum7. chol/e: bile, gall8. cholangi/o: bile duct 9. cholecyst/o: gallbladder 10. choledoch/o: common bile duct 11. cirrh/o: yellow12. col/o: colon13. lapar/o: abdomen14. dent/o: tooth15. diverticul/o: pouch 16. duoden/o: duodenum17. enter/o: small intestine18. esophag/o: esophagus 19. gastr/o: stomach20. gingiv/o: gums21. gloss/o: tongue22. hepat/o: liver23. ile/o: ileum24. jejun/o: jejunum25. labi/o: lip26. colon/o: colon27. lingu/o: tongue28. lith/o: stone29. odont/o: tooth30. or/o: mouth31. palat/o: palate32. pancreat/o: pancreas33. pharyng/o: pharynx34. polyp/o: polyp35. proct/o: anus and rectum36. pylor/o: pylorus37. pyr/o: fire38. rect/o: rectum39. sialaden/o: salivary gland 40. sigmoid/o: sigmoid colonSuffixes41. –emesis: vomit42. –iatric: pertaining to medical treatment43. –lithiasis: condition of stones44. –orexia: appetite45. –pepsia: digestion46. –phagia: eat, swallow47. –prandial: pertaining to a meal48. –tripsy: surgical crushingB. Directions: Analyze each term presented below and list and define the word parts used to build each term. I’ve done the first one as an example.1. proctology: proct/o = anus and rectum; logy = study2. gastroesophageal: gastr/o = stomach; esophag/o = esophagus; eal = pertaining to 3. carcinoma: carcin/o = cancer; oma = tumor4. colitis: col/o = colon; itis = inflammation5. laparoscopy: lapar/o = abdomen; scopy = process of viewing6. cholelithiasis: chol/e = bile; lithiasis = condition of stones7. cholecystography: cholecyst/o = gallbladder; graphy = process of recording8. intravenous: intra = within; ven/o = vein; ous = pertaining to9. transhepatic: trans = across; hepat/o = liver; ic = pertaining to10. cholangiography: cholangi/o = bile duct; graphy = process of recording11. colonoscopy: colon/o = colon; scopy = process of viewing12. cholangiopancreatography: cholangi/o = bile duct; pancreat/o = pancreas; graphy = process of recording13. esophagogastroduodenoscopy: esophagi/o = esophagus; gastr/o = stomach; duoden/o = duodenum; scopy = process of viewing14. gastroscopy: gastr/o = stomach; scopy = process of viewing15. cholecystitis: cholecyst/o = gallbladder; itis = inflammationC. Directions: Unscramble each medical term below. I’ve done the first one as an example.1. i s d a a n e i t s i l: sialadenitisInflammation of a salivary gland2. l v s u l v u o: volvulusBowel twists upon itself3. c p t o o o y r g l: proctologyMedical specialty in the study of the rectum and anus4. h r i c r o i s s: cirrhosisChronic liver disease5. o m r s h i r h d e o: hemorrhoidsVaricose veins in the rectum6. n t s e d y e y r: dysenteryCondition with pain, diarrhea, and blood and mucus in the stool7. s a t g o n e r r e i t i s t: gastroenteritisInflammation of stomach and small intestines8. m s e a h m e s e t i: hematemesisVomiting blood9. a i n e d j c u: jaundiceYellow skin color associated with liver disease10. t n c a i t m e e i: antiemetic Medication to treat nausea and vomitingD. Directions: Build a term. I’ve done the first one as an example.1. inflammation of appendix: appendicitis2. removal of gallbladder: cholecystectomy3. create opening in colon: colostomy4. specialist in stomach and small intestine: gastroenterologist5. instrument to view inside sigmoid colon: sigmoidoscope6. incision into abdomen: laparotomy7. pertaining to straight teeth: orthodontic 8. surgical repair of palate: palatoplasty9. vomiting blood: hematemesis10. slow digestion: bradypepsia 11. abnormal appetite: dysorexia 12. excessive vomiting: hyperemesis 13. unable to eat/swallow: aphagia 14. after a meal: postprandial 15. removal of the appendix:

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