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Module 7-2

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A. Directions: Define the combining form. I’ve done the first one as an example.1. aer/o: air2. alveol/o: alveolus3. anthrac/o: coal4. atel/o: incomplete5. bronch/o: bronchus6. bronchi/o: bronchus 7. bronchiol/o: bronchiole 8. cyan/o: blue9. diaphragmat/o: diaphragm 10. epiglott/o: epiglottis11. laryng/o: larynx12. lob/o: lobe13. pulmon/o: lung14. nas/o: nose15. orth/o: straight16. ox/o: oxygen17. ox/i: oxygen18. pharyng/o: pharynx 19. pleur/o: pleura20. pneum/o: lung, air21. pneumon/o: lung, air 22. muc/o: mucus 23. rhin/o: nose24. sept/o: wall25. sinus/o: sinus26. spir/o: breathing27. trache/o: trachea28. tuss/o: coughSuffixes29. –capnia: carbon dioxide30. –osmia: smell31. –phonia: voice32. –plegia: paralysis33. –pnea: breathing34. –ptysis: spitting35. –spasm: involuntary muscle spasm36. –thorax: chestB. Directions: Analyze each term presented below and list and define the word parts used to build each term. I’ve done the first one as an example.1. paranasal: para = beside; nas/o = nose; al = pertaining to2. alveolar: alveol/o = alveolus; ar = pertaining to3. nasopharyngitis: nas/o = nose; pharyng/o = pharynx; itis = inflammation 4. paranasal: para = beside; nas/o = nose; al = pertaining to 5. cyanosis: cyan/o = blue; osis = abnormal condition6. hemoptysis: hem/o = blood; ptysis = spitting 7. otorhinolaryngology: ot/o = ear; rhin/o = ear; laryng/o = larynx; logy = study of 8. laryngoscopy: laryng/o = larynx; scopy = process of visually examining9. atelectasis: atel/o = incomplete; ectasis = dilation10. pneumoconiosis: pneum/o = lung; coni/o = dust; osis = abnormal condition11. cytology: cyt/o = cell; logy = study of12. bronchography: bronch/o = bronchus; graphy = process of recording 13. bronchoscopy: bronch/o = bronchus; scopy = process of visually examining 14. angiography: angi/o = vessel; graphy = process of recording15. fibrosis: fibr/o = fibers; osis = abnormal condition16. oximetry: ox/i = oxygen; metry = process of measuring17. spirometry: spir/o = breathing; metry = process of measuring18. tracheotomy: trache/o = trachea; otomy = cutting into19. thoracocentesis: throac/o = chest; centesis = puncture to withdraw fluid 20. cardiopulmonary: cardi/o = heart; pulmon/o = lung; ary = pertaining toC. Directions: Build a term. I’ve done the first one as an example.1. surgical repair of bronchus: bronchoplasty2. inflammation of voice box: laryngitis3. removal of lobe: lobectomy4. condition of no oxygen: hypoxia5. puncture pleura to withdraw fluid: pleurocentesis6. nose discharge: rhinorrhea7. inflammation of all sinuses: pansinusitis8. pertaining to the pharynx: pharyngeal9. blood in chest: hemothorax10. fast breathing: tachypneaD. Matching__K__ 1. Epistaxis a. Cough up blood__C__ 2. Cyanosis b. Wheezing sound__O__ 3. Hyperventilation c. Bluish tint to skin__H__ 4. Nasal cannula d. Fungal infection__A__ 5. Hemoptysis e. Test for sleep apnea__T__ 6. Patent f. Harsh, high-pitched breath sound__Q__ 7. Crackles g. Improves ability to cough up mucus__B__ 8. Rhonchi h. Two-pronged plastic device to deliver oxygen__S__ 9. Pertussis i. Black lung__F__ 10. Stridor j. Pyothorax__I__ 11. Anthracosis k. Nosebleed__L__ 12. Emphysema l. Destruction of alveolar walls__D__ 13. Histoplasmosis m. Reduces urge to cough__J__ 14. Empyema n. Test looking for malignant cells__N__ 15. Sputum cytology o. Breathe too fast and too deep__P__ 16. Laryngoscopy p. Visual examination of voice box__E__ 17. Polysomnography q. Crackling sound__R__ 18. Ventilator r. Respirator__M__ 19. Antitussive s. Whooping cough__G__ 20. Expectorant t.

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