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Module 5-2

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A. Directions: Define the combining form. I’ve done the first one as an example.1. vent ri cu l /o: ventricle 2. aort/o: aorta3. arteri/o: artery4. ather/o: fatty substance5. atri/o: atrium6. cardi/o: heart7. coron/o: heart8. corpor/o: body9. embol/o: plug10. isch/o: to hold back11. sept/o: wall 12. son/o: sound 13. phleb/o: vein14. sphygm/o: pulse 15. steth/o: chest16. thromb/o: clot17. valv/o: valve18. valvul/o: valve19. varic/o: dilated vein20. vascul/o: blood vessel21. vas/o: vessel22. ven/o: vein23. angi/o: vessel 24. myocardi/o: heart muscleB. Directions: Analyze each term presented below and list and define the word parts used to build each term. I’ve done the first one as an example.(Note: for Part B & C, you may have to use the terms on pages 151 & 152) 1. pulmonary: pulmon/o = lung; ary = pertaining to 2. atrioventricular: arti/o = atrium; ventricul/o = ventricle; ar = pertaining to 3. cardiology: cardi/o = heart; logy = study of 4. arteriosclerosis: arteri/o = artery; sclerosis = hardening 5. atherosclerosis: ather/o = fatty substance; sclerosis = hardening 6. hypotension: hypo = insufficient; tension = pressure 7. thrombophlebitis: thromb/o = clot; phleb/o = vein; itis = inflammation 8. myocarditis: myocardi/o = heart muscle; itis = inflammation 9. valvulitis: valvul/o = valve; itis = inflammation 10. electrocardiography: electr/o = electricity; cardi/o = heart; graphy = process ofrecording 11. cardiopulmonary: cadi/o = heart; pulmon/o= lung; ary = pertaining to 12. thrombolytic: thromb/o = clot; lytic = destruction 13. sphygmomanometer: sphygm/o = pulse; manometer = instrument to measurepressure 14. cardiomyopathy: cardi/o = heart; my/o = muscle; pathy = disease 15. angiography: angi/o = vessel; graphy = process of recording C. Directions: Build a term. I’ve done the first one as an example.1. narrowing of a vessel: angiostenosis2. enlarged heart: cardiomegaly 3. study of the heart: cardiology4. surgical repair of a valve: valvuloplasty5. small vein: venule6. pertaining to between ventricles: interventricular7. heart muscle disease: cardiomyopathy8. insufficient pressure: hypotension9. process of recording a vessel: angiography 10. removal of fatty substance: atherectomy D. Directions: Give the prefix or suffix for the following terms. I’ve done the first one as an example.Suffixes1. instrument to measure pressure: -manometer2. enlarged: -megaly3. hardening: -sclerosis4. involuntary muscle contraction: -spasm5. Rupture: -rrhexisPrefixes1. without: a-2. outside of: extra-3. fast: tachy-4. across: trans-5. beyond:

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