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Module 4-2

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A. Directions: Define the combining form. I’ve done the first one as an example.1. ankyl/o: stiff joint2. arthr/o: joint3. cortic/o: outer layer4. carp/o: carpus5. cervic/o: neck6. chondr/o: cartilage7. clavicul/o: clavicle8. coccyg/o: coccyx9. cost/o: rib10. crani/o: skull11. femor/o: femur12. humer/o: humerus13. ili/o: ilium14. scapul/o: scapula15. kyph/o: hump16. lord/o: bent backward17. lumb/o: loin 18. mandibul/o: mandible19. maxill/o: maxilla20. metacarp/o: metacarpus21. metatars/o: metatarsus22. orth/o: straight23. oste/o: bone24. patell/o: patella25. ped/o: child; foot26. phalang/o: phalanges27. pod/o: foot28. pub/o: pubis29. radi/o: radius; ray (X-ray)30. sacr/o: sacrum31. ischi/o: ischium32. spin/o: spine33. spondyl/o: vertebrae 34. stern/o: sternum35. synov/o: synovial membrane36. tars/o: tarsus37. thorac/o: chest38. tibi/o: tibia39. uln/o: ulna40. vertebr/o: vertebra41. tendin/o: tendon42. fasci/o: fibrous band43. fibr/o: fibers44. later/o: side45. kinesi/o: movement46. muscul/o: muscle47. my/o: muscle48. bi/o: life 49. myos/o: muscle50. ten/o: tendonB. Directions: Define the suffix or prefix. I’ve done the first one as an example.1. –logy: study of2. –blast: immature3. –desis: to fuse4. –listhesis: slipping5. –porosis: porous6. –asthenia: weakness7. –algia: pain8. –kinesia: movement9. –tonia: tone10. –dynia: pain11. –gram: record12. –plasty: surgical repair13. –trophy: development14. –itis: inflammation15. –otomy: cutting into16. ex-: outward17. inter-: between18. hypo-: insufficient19. pseudo-: false20. poly-: manyC. Directions: Write the term. I’ve done the first one as an example.1. pertaining to the phalanges: phalangeal2. pertaining to fascia : fascial3. pertaining to between vertebrae: intervertebral4. pertaining to muscles : muscular5. pertaining to tendons: tendinous6. pertaining to the metacarpus: metacarpal7. pertaining to the skull: cranial8. pertaining to the muscles and skeleton: musculoskeletal9. pertaining to the rib: costal10. pertaining to the femur: femoralD. Directions: Build a single medical term for each phrase below. I’ve done the first one as an example.1. fusion of a joint: arthrodesis2. inflammation of a bursa: bursitis3. surgical repair of cartilage: chondroplasty4. cutting into the skull: craniotomy5. surgically break a bone: osteoclasia6. surgical removal of synovial membrane: synovectomy7. pertaining to wrist: carpal8. pertaining to ilium: iliac9. pertaining to kneecap: patellar10. pertaining to maxilla: maxillary11. pertaining to tailbone: coccygeal12. pertaining to chest: pectoral13. abnormal condition of hump: kyposis14. porous bone: osteoporosis15. vertebra slipping: spondylolisthesis16. inflammation of bone and joint: osteoarthritis 17. process of recording a joint: arthrogram18. inflammation of fascia: fasciitis19. pertaining to muscle: muscular20. muscle disease: myopahty21. inflammation of many muscles: polymyositis22. abnormal tone: dysonia23. slow movement: bradykinesia24. excessive development: hypertrophy25. inflammation of a tendon:

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