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Module 3-2

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A. Matching (some answers may be used more than once)___a___1. cutaneous a. pertaining to the skin___f____2. diaphoresis b. skin graft from an animal of another species___a___3. dermal c. pertaining to under the skin___i____4. autograft d. destruction of tissue by caustic chemicals___g____5. intradermal e. destruction of tissue by electric currents___b____6. xenograft f. profuse sweating___m____7. allograft g. pertaining to within the skin___n____8. chemabrasion h. surgical removal of excessive skin___h____9. rhytidectomy i. skin graft from one’s own body___p___10. cryosurgery j. removal of superficial skin lesion with a curette___q___11. debridement k. removal of fat from beneath the skin___c___12. hypodermic l. removal of a nail___k___13. liposuction m. skin graft from one person to another___r___14. epidermal n. abrasion using chemicals (chemical peel)___l___15. onychectomy o. transplantation of skin___c___16. subcutaneous p. use of extreme cold to destroy tissue___e___17. electrocautery q. removal of dead or damaged tissue from a wound___d___18. cauterization r. pertaining to upon the skin___o___19. dermatoplasty ___j___20. curettageB. Directions: Define the combining form or suffix in the spaces provided. I’ve done the first one as an example.1. electr/o: electricity2. cauter/o: burn3. kerat/o: hard, horny4. hidr/o: sweat5. leuk/o: white6. erythr/o: red7. hidr/o: sweat8. xeno-: foreign9. necr/o: death10. myc/o: fungus11. seb/o: oil12. trich/o: hair13. xer/o: dry14. ungu/o: nail15. phot/o: light16. py/o: pus 17. scler/o: hard18. sarc/o: flesh19. albin/o: white20. cutane/o: skin21. vesic/o: sac22. –derma: skin condition23. diaphor/o: profuse sweating24. allo-: other, different from usual25. melan/o: blackC. Directions: Build a single medical term for each phrase below. I’ve done the first oneas an example. (Note: you’ll need to use the terms on page 55 to do this section)1. surgical repair of skin: dermatoplasty2. abnormal condition of no sweat: anhidrosis3. nail eating: onychopahgia4. pertaining to nails: ungual5. skin inflammation: dermatitis6. study of skin: dermatology7. pus skin condition: pyoderma8. hard skin condition: scleroderma9. scaly and dry skin condition: xeroderma10. red skin condition: erythema11. abnormal condition of death: necrosis12. abnormal condition of excessive sweat: diaphoresis13. pertaining to within the skin: intradermal14. excessive blood condition: 15. pertaining to under skin: hypodermic16. fat mass: lipoma17. black cell: melanocyte18. removal of nail: onychectomy19. surgical removal of wrinkles: rhytidectomy20. dry skin condition:

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