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Module 2-2

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A. Matching__B__ 1. gluteal region__M__ 2. viscer/o__F__ 3. thoracic region__A__ 4. apex__J__ 5. pubic region__H__ 6. inferior__D__ 7. cervical region__C__ 8. brachial region__K__ 9. posterior__O__ 10. distal__N__ 11. crural region__E__ 12. ventral__G__ 13. trunk__L__ 14. lateral__I__ 15. cephalic regiona. Tip or summit of an organb. Buttocksc. Armd. Necke. Opposite direction from dorsalf. Chestg. Torsoh. Below another structurei. Headj. Genital regionk. More toward the backl. Toward the sidem. Internal organn. Lego. Farther from the point of attachmentB. New Word Parts QuizDirections: Define the combining form in the spaces provided. I’ve done the first one as an example.1. adip/o: fat2. brachi/o: arm3. caud/o: tail4. cephal/o: head5. chondr/o: cartilage6. crani/o: skull7. crin/o: to secrete8. ventr/o: belly9. dors/o: back10. glute/o: buttock11. hist/o: tissue12. infer/o: below13. later/o: side14. medi/o: middle15. neur/o: nerve16. orth/o: straight, upright17. pleur/o: pleura18. poster/o: back19. proxim/o: near to20. pub/o: genital region21. vascul/o: blood vessel22. thorac/o: chest23. dist/o: away from24. viscer/o: internal organ25. anter/o: frontC. Medical Term AnalysisDirections: Below are terms built from word parts used in this chapter and some are built from word parts you will see in upcoming chapters. Analyze each term presented below and list and define the word parts used to build each term. I’ve done the first one as an example.NOTE: TERMS WILL BE FOUND IN EITHER CHAPTER 1 OR 21. cytology: cyt/o = cell; logy = study of2. cytoplasm: cyt/o= cell; plasm= blood3. cardiac: cardi= heart; ac= pertaining to 4. adipose: adip= fat; ose= pertaining to 5. abdominopelvic: abdomin/o= abdomen; pelv= pelvis; ic= pertaining to6. pericardial: peri= around; cardi= heart; al= pertaining to 7. cardiology: cardi/o= heart; logy= study of8. immunology: immun/o= immunity; logy= study of9. dermatology: dermat/o= skin; logy= study of10. pulmonology: pulmon/o= lung; logy= study of11. otorhinolaryngology: ot/o= ear; rhin/o= nose; laryng/o= larynx; logy= study of 12. gastroenterology: gastr/o= stomach; enter/o= small intestine; logy= study of13. nephrology: nephr/o= kidney; logy= study of14. gynecology: gynec/o= female; logy= study of15. urology: ur/o= urine; logy= study of16. neurology: neur/o= nerve; logy= study of17. ophthalmology: ophthalm/o= eye; logy= study of18. hematology: hemat/o= blood; logy= study

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